Off-Week Update (for Ep. 14)

So yeah… you probably noticed that I’m now about a week off schedule… It does help me a bit better with my scheduled deadlines on TGWTG, allowing me an entire other week to finish the appropriate episode before having to post it on the main site. I’m still shooting for Wednesday releases like usual, but at least a BIT of the pressure is off.

Not like anyone reading this really watches me solely through BT, or TGWTG, though.

So, those who follow ME and not the show on Twitter will already know what my next game is. Lineage 2. Yes, it’s had a bit of a learning curve, but I was able to get much more into it yesterday… but MAN do people love to troll in this game. See, when people troll in things like WoW, they can… pretty much only jump around your character, use the /yell channel and say stupid shit… all of which are easily ignored and avoided. They have no real impact on gameplay. The WORST people can do is be the opposing faction, and kill your quest givers… and even that doesn’t last forever. Even WoW’s PvP servers are pretty lax, giving each race safe zones. So if you try and tell me that your reception in WoW was less than warm, and that’s why the game “sucks” STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM LINEAGE 2.

The sheer amount of ways players can make your life a living hell is beyond ridiculous. See, the PvP system in this game is a full on “PK” or Player-Killer system. This means that ANYONE can attack you at nearly ANY time pretty much for the lulz. You can be barely level 10 heading out for your first quest, and be immediately one-shot by a bored level 40+. If they aren’t using the PK system to fuck you, there’s also the practice of “training” monsters, where a higher level character will gather up enemies in the game, and run around a map being followed by a massive cloud of monsters, until they find low level players out questing, and run the cloud through them, oftentimes dropping several of the monsters in the group to attacking the low level players, essentially killing them.

Sure, I’ll get into these into more detail when I do the actual review, but be warned this is one of the most noob unfriendly games out there. Be extremely wary of this if you want to come find me… unless you just want to PK me. Jerks.

In any case, Doctor Who: Worlds in Time goes up on TGWTG tomorrow. Here’s to hoping it’s better received then half the crossovers I did.


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  1. I started playing Lineage 2 right before I saw that you were going to be reviewing it..

    I’m uninstalling 10 levels of random ass questing on talking island and the kids who stand on the path and kill you. Horrible start, not just the pking but the introduction to the game is just so annoying, I want to go out and run mobs not collect items for the first 20 freaking levels.

    If you got so far as to leave Talking island, I commend you.

  2. I didn’t like you in the Sad Panda review, you seemed yelly for no reason, your usual intelligence seemed gone, and you had no discernible traits other than that guy who was “yelling and causing the sound feed to overload”. I like you when you yell for real annoying head smacking reasons. Like the boat in Maple story, that had me on the floor. Reminded me of a similar system in FFXI. Uuuuuugh. Otherwise you seem like you’d be an informed straight guy that goes all Hulk only when someone makes an effort to screw you over. And people would find it great fun to push you that far.

    Be more of a Brows Held High kinda guy, less of a Nostalgia Critic. Me thinks anyway.

    Sounds like you’ll have a real awesome reason to yell in your next review though. :)

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much how Julien writes me. It’s painfully obvious when I’m yelling for the sake of yelling but I do as the director asks, at the sacrifice of my dignity. I love getting called a “d-bag” in comments when it’s something I’m not really known for. (On TGWTG, it’s pretty much ALL I’m known for, though.)

      I yell to punctuate. Just being loud for the sake of loud never works, and while Julien did his best to balance it out in this review, (It was MUCH worse in La Horde.) it still doesn’t hold as much context. (I did think the line “Why do you like yelling so much?!” “I DON’T KNOW DAMMIT! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” was pretty funny, but it was still yelling for the sake of yelling.) It’s really more of an in-joke because they know I actually DON’T like yelling. I think only ONE person ever got the joke.

      There is another crossover I need to ask about the progress on. One where I don’t really yell at all, and have a lot of lines. Unexpectedly. I’m not sure if it will see the light of day anytime soon.

      Perhaps one day I’ll be able to drop this damned stigma.

      • Pssssh, stigma, you just started. And most commenters on TGWTG are sad little folk anyway, just give it some time and put your best foot forward. Remember, the internet doesn’t forget, but it’s memory gets pretty hazy after a while.

        Have you not been around long enough that they’ll let you write your own crossover thingy yet? Though… what would you have people cross over with? You’d have to duct tape someone to a chair and make them play an MMO for a couple of weeks….

        Though that would be an awesome intro, having some poor soul strapped to a chair against their will and forced to play something, without food or toilet. Make sure it’s something evil. Yes… yesssss… mwahahaha…. It MUST be Gaia.

        Or you could get Benzaie to do Age of Conan with you I guess. Much less fun then the duct tape thing though.

  3. Is this going to be a rage review for lineage 2, cause that would be hilarious.

    • I don’t really feel I do well with the “rage review” (even if a lot of people think the Maple Story episode was) but I’m pretty sure I’ll have some words for this community.

  4. Peopke didn’t like the crossovers!? what a shame . i thought they were awesome. (crossovers generally are).

    lineage 2… sounds like its going to be an intresting review.

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