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Aion (Episode 23)

Off-Week Update (for Ep. 15)

You know, it sure as hell doesn’t FEEL like the off-week.

I’m shocked that Lineage 2 was so universally reviled, to be honest. I figured it’d be one of those games where everyone who religiously has played it since launch would come in screaming about how click to move controls are a lost art, that quests requiring kills in the 300 enemy range are too sophisticated to be appreciated by such low-class, uncultured ruffians, or that playing in a PK system makes you irresistibly attractive to everyone who meets you.

What I should be saying is that I was never informed about how hated Lineage 2  was. I honestly thought it was liked and popular before I looked at it.

Once again I WILL state that I did start to get into it. There have been more than a few times where I was in bed at night thinking, “I wonder if I could do this…” before realizing I had uninstalled it long ago. No Kamaloka for me.

So the next game is one that EVERYONE WOULD NOT SHUT UP ABOUT, and I’m hoping I don’t regret my decision to do it. So far I have not… I’m remembering that when first playing the game, despite spending what I had spent, I had no desire to play it after the first day. It was not a bad game, it just didn’t feel right in certain aspects, and I had no drive to get back into it. While I can’t say they fixed everything I felt was wrong with it, they did alleviate some of my biggest issues with the game. It’s still a bit dodgy though.

I can’t guarantee this will be back to the Wednesday release schedule, I can say that I’m trying harder to keep it this time, and I don’t feel I need to do as much to understand a lot of this game. I did most of it yesterday, and as I stated, I HAVE played this game before. Wish me luck.

One final thing I want to ask…

What is your interest in “Free-to-Try” games like “Rift Lite” and World of Warcraft?

These are games that are, at the core subscription games, but allow you to play the game for free in an extremely limited trial form. Like, letting you play until you reach a certain level, or keeping you from partaking in a lot of community features like Auctions or Guilds.
I really didn’t count them for MMO Grinder since I KNOW how limiting it is to be stopped at level 20 in WoW. There does seem to be a genuine interest in Rift Lite, and I’m wondering if I should once again make an exception, just to see if the formula fits. Granted, it’s not like that opens many doors. Free-To-Try isn’t exactly a vast market… hell, I just named the only two I know of.

Off-Week Update (for Ep. 14)

So yeah… you probably noticed that I’m now about a week off schedule… It does help me a bit better with my scheduled deadlines on TGWTG, allowing me an entire other week to finish the appropriate episode before having to post it on the main site. I’m still shooting for Wednesday releases like usual, but at least a BIT of the pressure is off.

Not like anyone reading this really watches me solely through BT, or TGWTG, though.

So, those who follow ME and not the show on Twitter will already know what my next game is. Lineage 2. Yes, it’s had a bit of a learning curve, but I was able to get much more into it yesterday… but MAN do people love to troll in this game. See, when people troll in things like WoW, they can… pretty much only jump around your character, use the /yell channel and say stupid shit… all of which are easily ignored and avoided. They have no real impact on gameplay. The WORST people can do is be the opposing faction, and kill your quest givers… and even that doesn’t last forever. Even WoW’s PvP servers are pretty lax, giving each race safe zones. So if you try and tell me that your reception in WoW was less than warm, and that’s why the game “sucks” STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM LINEAGE 2.

The sheer amount of ways players can make your life a living hell is beyond ridiculous. See, the PvP system in this game is a full on “PK” or Player-Killer system. This means that ANYONE can attack you at nearly ANY time pretty much for the lulz. You can be barely level 10 heading out for your first quest, and be immediately one-shot by a bored level 40+. If they aren’t using the PK system to fuck you, there’s also the practice of “training” monsters, where a higher level character will gather up enemies in the game, and run around a map being followed by a massive cloud of monsters, until they find low level players out questing, and run the cloud through them, oftentimes dropping several of the monsters in the group to attacking the low level players, essentially killing them.

Sure, I’ll get into these into more detail when I do the actual review, but be warned this is one of the most noob unfriendly games out there. Be extremely wary of this if you want to come find me… unless you just want to PK me. Jerks.

In any case, Doctor Who: Worlds in Time goes up on TGWTG tomorrow. Here’s to hoping it’s better received then half the crossovers I did.

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