Sidequest: The Secret World

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  1. commanderhavoc

    Absolutely LOVE this MMO.
    It is without a doubt one of the most unique MMOs of 2012.
    And the fact that it is a buy to play now makes it even better, just buy the game and register for an account on Funcom along with the CD-key, no worries about any subscriptions or any sneaky restrictions.

  2. i really want to try this (and guild wars 2 for that matter) but i really don’t wanna drop the money on somethin i may not like

  3. while this looks interesting,mostly the setting than anything else for me i imagine this will have a hard time having a large playerbase and still be subscription,specially if the rumors about SWTOR considering a F2P model are true

    • SWTOR killed itself with its own hype, a fate GW2 thankfully doens’t have to worry about with its pay model. I can see this game being a “cult favorite MMO” (no pun intended) with a very vocal and loyal playerbase willing to snap at any dissenters, but this is by no means going to reign supreme in the MMO market…

      Just in mine.

      • As someone who has participated in one Weekend Beta (and another one coming up next month before the game comes out on the 28th, and early access starting the 25th for pre-purchasers) of GW2, I can safely say that the hype I payed attention to is right on the money. Combat may not be quite Tera levels of action, but it’s definitely more action-y than games like SWTOR, melee classes have to stay on their toes, and can’t handle like 3 mobs at one time unless they are of crazy level difference to the area.

        Character Creation and such is deep enough to ensure everyone will look unique and the dynamic events are awesome, seriously within 10 minutes of a session I was picking up un-exploded mortar shells and hurling them at enemies, only to see an NPC run up the hill and declare that the nearby building was under raid by thieves and they needed assistance to stop them from stealing important technology.

        As for The Secret World, it sounds interesting, but it’s not my thing, I hope you have fun with it for many months ChaosD1, but with my limited income, the only sub based mmo I’m looking at with any seriousness is the upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO, mostly because I love the lore in that world.

  4. Well, the early access starts in 12 hours so I guess I see you guys back in the game :)

    As a side note, I played The Secret World in two beta weekends, and I played it a lot, and oddly enough I never had any problems with it. It ran just fine with high settings and never crashed. Not once. And I must have played for about 30 hours each weekend. Only once did I see low resolution textures, and I think that’s only because one day I left the game running during the night and I alt+tabbed a lot to talk with friends in Skype.

    I think it has something to do with Nvidia GFX cards, as I haven’t heard anyone using an AMD card having problems. Might be a good idea to update to latest drivers anyway.

  5. Yay! I’m more tempted now than ever to pre-order this game! I love the fact that you are supposed to think your way through this a little more carefully, which is true of one of Funcom’s other games: Anarchy Online. There’s combat in AO, too, but you won’t survive it if you can’t twink into higher level armor, weapons, and cybernetic implants (which makes it more like a puzzle game than anything).

  6. Haha, I pre-ordered this just a week ago in fact. Pretty much agreed with everything you said, though I played in the beta before this one, and the one you played in, I only got the crashes the first time I played, the second beta worked so much better. Though I did run into the occasional lag spike that didn’t happen in the first beta I played. Trade-offs I guess.

    Anyhow, hope to see you in game dude, hit up “Aylien” if you need an AR/Pistol DPS/Healer for Polaris, Inferno, etc. :P

  7. You. How dare you. I had just talked myself out of spending the money I shouldn’t spend, but now you’ve got me back on this track.

    Alright, I can get just the game. I don’t need to drop for the Lifetime account. I can still do that later, even…

    Funcom, I just can’t quit you.

  8. Triangulation Technician


    That’s the right word to describe The Secret World.

    Story and its setting are really good and interesting. Combat feels bland and clunky, especially after I played TERA and Blade & Soul.

    I’m gonna have to pass on this one. But if they made a singleplayer RPG set in its world, I’d happily grab that.

  9. I really wanted to like this game. The story is right up my alley, the unique character building potentials, the atmosphere and the fact that it isn’t yet another fantasy MMO that is trying to dethrone WoW.

    Sadly I found the gameplay clunky, the quest systems limitations annoyed me (though I do, to a degree) understand the idea behind limiting your number of quests, since this is a story-focused MMO, and there was just far, far too many crashes and “Quality of Life” issues that should’ve been fixed weeks, or even months ago. For a game that was opening in a week, it was a very sloppy experience. But then, this is Funcom. They aren’t exactly known for their well-received MMO launches, coughcough.

    I do have a few friends who will be playing it from launch, so I suspect I will eventually end up playing it. And I hope at that point, some of the issues I had with the game will be alleviated, because I do see a ton of potential in this game :)

  10. id have to disagree, i was following the hype train of “oh this game is bad” until the last two beta weekends. while the action combat isnt anywhere close to guildwars or tera. the atmosphere,setting, and lovecraftian charm more than makes up for it. the game is going to be niche for many, i actually consider it more of a thinking mans mmo. and hoonestly i love it when a game makes me think outside of the box.

    so yeah i preordered it,and im willing to overlook its short comings

  11. I fully endorse a MMO-Grinder guild. But I have a question about it. With early release starting friday, which server would it be on?

  12. Characters are pretty much identical and bland, probably to force you into the cash shop which is pretty harsh..

    Combat was pretty bad though, like I could write an essay about all the problems and false information they gave compared to what it really is..

    Either way, pass for me. But the reactions really have been split quite a bit between people that played the game. Half loved it, half hated it.

    • “Combat was pretty bad though, like I could write an essay about all the problems and false information they gave compared to what it really is..”

      That’s why I never listen to press releases or hype. I don’t get excited for something that disappoints me later. The game’s combat and structure sure wasn’t anything special, but I loved the hell out of it.

      • I rarely post any kind of comment, but I got on just to agree with you. I never let anyone else’s opinion or trailers/press releases determine how excited I am for something. I always look at the system for what it is in gameplay videos and judge for myself whether I will like it or not.

        Honestly, I went into the game thinking the combat would be the same old hot-key combat that I know from a lot of other MMOs I don’t like. And I wasn’t wrong, technically speaking. But the fact that you can move around enemies, avoid attacks and use certain skills to aid or even harm yourself while in combat really surprised me. Even though it’s technically the same, it somehow manages to be a different beast all together.

        Also, I know this comment reply is about a month late.

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