Off-Week Update (for Ep. 9)

Ok, as many of you might have figured out by now, my Eden Eternal episode is now up on TGWTG’s main page. (Well, second page by the time you read this.) I’ve noticed a major influx of views on here, so if you’re just arriving…

Welcome to anyone who’s found this site from TGWTG! I usually post new Episodes every other Wednesday, while I update with news about the show here but that is subject to change. Feel free to check the About page to get an understanding of how the show works (as well as find Episode 0). You can also check the F.A.Q. for other more specific show questions, otherwise, feel free to ask. You can also find the Episode Guide to see what’s been currently reviewed, or the Suggested MMO List to see what’s being considered, or offer suggestions of our own.

If your comments are not appearing immediately after posting them, it’s because I have to approve the initial comment. Luckily, I get the alerts to my e-mail, and can approve them over my phone when I see them. After the initial approval, you can comment again at any time. I do this to weed out the amount of spam WordPress blogs usually get, as even though the filter here does a decent job detecting them. Usually.

Ok, that’s over now. Time for the actual update.

I’ve been playing Rusty Hearts for a good while now, and like DFO, I think I have more then enough footage and knowledge to finish up, so I’m using the time to make sure I can cover as much as possible. I’m finding the lack of the “awakening” mode information a bit annoying, and since I’m already level 21 with Angela, I’m not sure how much further I have to go before I reach it. It might end up being another “Skirmish” issue like in LOTRO where I didn’t have the time to reach the appropriate level, but we’ll see. As for footage I’m sure I have more then enough, but I might need to delve into PvP… just because I like being humiliated before I finish playing.

I’m noticing that once you leave the first town area, and move onto the second, the framerate (on my PC mind you) seriously dropped, and it was a lot more lagging. Unfortunately the stages weren’t much better as the Atrium was pretty choppy… I chalked it up to my PC being junky again, so I’ll delve back into it solo. I also need to verify something about the gamepad controller option, otherwise this should be on time. Vegas willing.

Looking at the Poll for Episode 10, it seems a tug of war between Ragnarok and League of Legends. It’s nice to know that one isn’t drowning out the other, but it’s sad it seems like it’s only down to two games again. Now since I want to have ample time to deal with possible video issues, the poll will be officially “closed” on 12:01 a.m. Sunday, November 13th. (That’s “Saturday night” to avoid confusion there.) Whatever the poll reads at that time will be game I look at. Standard exceptions apply. (i.e. “Shit don’t work no good.”) Make your final pushes soon.

Stay tuned for Episode 9: Rusty Hearts on Wednesday. It’s a game I’ll probably keep installed, so message me if you want to find me in game as “Vaias”.


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  1. This is odd. I can’t post here anymore. why?

    • nvm. For some reason, I get an error while commenting on the most recent blog post of yours it seems. Wonder what’s going on there.

  2. Your videos are great and thanks to TGWTG I know about them. Keep them coming mate and I’ll sure to watch them even if I don’t play too much mmos :)

    You should join the Critic and the crew ^^

    Lotro is awesome

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