Off-Week Update (for Ep. 12)

Really not much to report, just hoping like hell I can get this one does being freaking Christmas time and all.

City of Heroes is going well enough, but it’s a little intimidating, knowing how long the game’s been around, and how much I’m probably going to miss when talking about it. If you want to look for me in game I’m “Ciann Magnol” on the Guardian Server (Hero side) and “Violetshade” on the Virtue Server (Villain Side).

If you are considering playing CoH, allow me to inform you of an issue I had installing it to help you in the event you want to try. I’m going to mention this in the review as well, but this is more for people looking to find me in game now.

If you are a former CoH Player, looking to get back in, or you played a few NCSoft games a while back and haven’t updated them in a while (i.e. Guild Wars, Lineage II, Aion) make absolute certain you delete your old NCSoft launcher if it’s still installed on your system. CoH will NOT let you install the game and instead will give you a vague error message and refuse to patch the game. Delete the launcher from your system, then run the installer, and everything should work normally.

Fantasy Tennis was kind of a dud review views wise, but I kind of expected that. Can you believe there are still people who think I’m not part of Blistered Thumbs yet? I’m posting weekly over there… not like I’m that hard to miss. Well, hopefully I can keep this up with this episode. More working on it tomorrow I guess. I think I’m just over compensating for the amount of time I’ll be out and about for holiday stuff.

So since I won’t be finished with the episode before Christmas, I’ll just take this time to say Happy Holiday of your preference this December and maybe I’ll see you at MAGFest 2012 if you’re heading there. I’ll probably be really drunk though… pretty sure of it.


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  1. Dang, I can’t just silently lurk at your second from last paragraph. If I’m getting some enjoyment from your videos I need to chime in for a moment (hopefully this isn’t too off task). Normally I don’t participate in comment sections but I wanted to mention that I really rather enjoyed you covering some of the MMOs that weren’t extremely standard with the genres a lot of people expect when they hear the term. Pangya, Fantasy Tennis, and League of Legends were quite different than what I generally pictured as an MMO and I appreciate knowing there is more out there than the really standard RPGs.

    It is also nice that so far you do appear to try to report on things neutrally. It is also refreshing that someone is reviewing things in this format and not constantly angry about it. Keep up the great work and I’ll look forward to checking out your future videos. Here’s to the new year being a good one.

  2. If you’re playing as a basic Free account, then yes, you’ll be very limited, sadly. The forums community tried to lobby for fewer restrictions, but what you see now is what the old Trial accounts used to face, but without the level cap.

    If you’re playing as a Free account, you have access to exactly three channels – Local, Team and Help. The Help channel WAS intended for asking questions and getting answers, but since it’s the only de facto server-wide channel that Free accounts have access to, it’s more or less turned into a channel for seeking teams. Occasionally someone will chastise you for it, but most people have just grown to accept it. Most of what you’ll see over it is calls for a “DFB,” though. It’s a low-level task that everyone seems to want to do over and over again.

    If you have trouble with people asking you for a team over tells but being unable to respond, I’d suggest making use of your “Looking For” flag and your search comment so that you can indicate what you want to do to team leaders searching for members without them having to ask you. You’ll note almost no-one makes use of these, so if you do, that makes you stick out to recruiters, per chance that’s what you want to do.

    Sadly, the limitations are SEVERE. I look forward to seeing what you can make of them and the game as a whole.

  3. Say, Chaos, if you’re playing City of Heroes, it might be useful if you would supply your global name – the @name thing. You mentioned having played City of Heroes in the past, so you’ll probably have the ability to send personal chat messages, and it’s a lot easier for people to find you via your global name, since that carries over across servers and allows us to send you offline messages. That is, if you don’t value your privacy all that much :)

    If there’s anything you want to cover but don’t quite get, you can always bring it to the official forums. For Fun -> City Live is open to all accounts, both Free and VIP, and myself and others actually enjoy answering questions. If you share your global name and can actually chat over it, I could help out any way I can in-game, as well, even though I don’t actually play on either of the servers you mentioned.

    Also, if you have the ability to join global channels, I would heartily recommend doing so. These are a great source for both team-finding and for general socialisation. You won’t see many people out and about in the overworld in City of Heroes just because of how instanced the game is, so global channels are where people “congregate” most of the time.

    Good luck with the review, Chaos. I look forward to it :)

    P.S. Fantasy Tennis wasn’t so much a bust as a review as there doesn’t seem to have been that much game to it to talk about. For what it’s worth, I think you made the best of the material you had to work with. I have a sneaking suspicion your review might have been more entertaining than the game itself, but I’m speaking off impressions here.

    • I usually start an entirely new account so I can go into the game the same way a new player would (and not because 98% of the time I had my old account so long it was hacked or shut down, or at the very least I forgot my password. Honest.)

      That at the least let me know just how much you COULDN’T do in CoH… which was kinda sad. I’m shocked I can’t even reply to people in tells, but I am pretty sure I have access to the Global Channel and the Help channel, so maybe I’ll get back on and check. At the least it completely kills the gold spamming industry in that game.

      • Yeah, they really restricted free player’s ability to communicate, which many VIPs complained about beforehand but… what’s done is done, I guess. Paragon was really burned by an influx of gold spammers way back when so they’re a bit paranoid about warding it off. Maybe they’ll change their mind at some point.

        Anyway, not sure if you’re aware of this but you CAN reply to tells – you can’t send tells yourself, but with /r you can reply to the last person who sent you a tell.

        Sadly, you cannot join global channels as a free player, I think you gain the ability when you reach… T3? Anyway, about 45$ spent in the shop.

        All that said, I am very excited for your review : )

  4. Happy Holidays, have fun at Magfest!

  5. Happy holidays man, enjoy magfest and the cheap booze. I’d love to play CoH with ya but my computer sucks that much. Again hope all goes well with you. Happy holidays.

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