Off-Week Update (for Ep. 23)

Ok, I’ve been really bad about this, haven’t I? Blame the sudden desire to make supplemental shows. Speaking of that, I’ll get back to that in a minute.

First off, those who follow me (not just the show) on Twitter will have probably figured out I was in Arizona in mid-May. That cut into some time for Episode 22, which I why I chose to do Brick-Force, despite my only just having done a Sidequest on it.

Going back further, I’m not entirely surprised to see that both Project Powder, and Brick-Force were met with slightly lower than average views. The former being an unknown, abandoned game, and the latter being already covered by me once.

Of course, there was also the Sword Girls review, that yes, WAS supposed to be the first “Browser-Based” I did, but Justin’s enthusiasm in the game had me pass the torch to him, so we kinda co-wrote it, and he used my show format to do the video. If you want some fun trivia, the card Justin was supposed to show when I said, “I want that card so badly” was “Hot Springs Luthica” a MUCH racier card than the one he choose. It’s also the same card I’m VERY SLOWLY grinding toward. I haven’t been playing it as much is all.

The first Browser-Based instead was Realm of the Mad God, which I mentioned in the video, I was FLOODED with requests to do that dropped off just as suddenly. In fact the same goes for a lot of the “new to Steam” games that came out that February.

In case you want to know what I’m working on next, it’s been guessed correctly a few times, and VASTLY INCORRECTLY by one person. Yes, I’m reviewing Aion, the last former Sub game I bought on a whim…. ok, technically the second (LOTRO, Aion, Champions Online, then Star Trek Online) but my last to review. Install was a NIGHTMARE and it seems to be that way for a lot of people I talked to. I, no joke, had to run my PC in safe mode just to install it. It also crashed on me today, but I’m hoping that was a fluke. It hasn’t changed at ALL from last I remember playing it… but I still have yet to delve into the true game, so I’ll see if that changes. Episode will probably be late again, but I’ll do what I can.

…and I’ll try to get these done a bit more often, too.


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  1. I remember Aion. I am real curious to what sort of changes they made since becoming free to play.

    And just to say, I really appreciate your show and the work you do in bringing well balanced reviews. I don’t ever comment, but I always watch and find them funny and informative, even when they are obscure ones like Project Powder.

    Even though the views on them might be lower, who knows you might fall upon a rare gem with those no-names and introduce it to the rest of us.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. So, If you got Footage out of aion, is there any hope for Vindictus since it’s on your suggested mmo-list?

    • I literally CAN NOT run Vindictus. I have no idea how NCSoft can make the CryEngine run on my PC while Nexon can render the Source Engine unplayable, but that’s just how it is. I was able to run Aion with little issue in 2009, and I didn’t expect anything about that to change, which is why I announced it. I TRIED to play Vindictus and it didn’t run. It was supposed to be Episode 4. No joke.

      • Huh, that’s very bizzarre seeing that im playing vindictus on my piece of shit laptop. altough the big thing why vindictus runs worse than most source engine games is probably because its always in no border windowed mode, but thats not very helpful in iterms of getting the fucking thing to run. Sorry to hear that.

        • “Can You Run It?” aims the blame for me squarely on my processor. It can only run at 2.1 ghz and I think the game requires 2.4 minimum.

          Ok, I just RE-ran it and now it’s telling me I CAN run the game. Weird. I still am not trusting, but perhaps I’ll give it another go sometime.

  3. Oh this should be useful. Aion is sitting in my “to play” folder, which I will get around to when the mood hits me. A review will either bump t up on the priority list or remove it entirely.

    • Speaking of Brick Force…..I hate to add to your already long list of stuff to review, but…Minecraft. It started as a singleplayer game, I’ve heard horror stories about mods & trolls in multiplayer & never bothered trying the servers.

      • It’s not an MMO since all multiplayer servers are privately hosted. (Same reason I won’t do TF2 or Ace of Spades.) BUT, there is a hosted server that uses Minecraft to create a full MMO-like game experience called “Block Empires” that I might be inclined to look at.

        Of course there’s one final issue. Minecraft isn’t free.

  4. Don’t know about hacking, but Aion’s been pretty ungodly with bad servers and overcrowding with the F2P change.

    Most people get 200-600 pings and disconnects almost as often as Diablo 3’s crap.

    Tried to see how it ended up after playing it for a while and leaving it after a month, but it’s just WAYYY to crowded like all of NCsoft’s games pretty much.

    Guess the pain you mentioned about how much a hassle it is to even download the game and install it is the same for most everyone. Between the usual junk like the launcher and Pando media booster you have anti virus screaming at you not to install it then to use sandbox/quarantine mode along with random errors in the actual install method…

    There’s worse like Divina, but the install is pretty dang harsh for sure.

  5. Warning abouth Aion
    There seams to be some hacking going on so if u see something that is in solid bright red run avay or the game will crash.

  6. Could you please review Runescape (If you already haven’t)? I’m completely new to MMOs, Save for Relm of the Mad God and Brick-force, but I haven’t played them in months, and I don’t think they really count anyway. I’d love to know if that’s a good option!

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