Sidequest: Loadout

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  1. reminded of the old days in Team Fortress 2. I love this drawing and graphics.

  2. Just remember, with “The Great Alexander” comes great power. Or something…

  3. Can’t wait till you review roblox…. *Smiles evilly while petting a cat*

  4. I’ll admit, I got a little annoyed that he kept calling it a ‘fps’ when it clearly isn’t, otherwise its a great video, simple and to the point of it.

    • I can see why you’d say that, but nothing about the gameplay made it feel like a 3PS. My character isn’t entirely visible, and you can be easily flanked or snuck up on, as your field of vision is limited to what’s directly in front of you. You also cannot zoom any further away from your character, like you could in say, World of Tanks, so despite the camera angle being somewhat behind your character, this game plays more like an FPS than anything.

  5. They say Gameplay makes a game fun…
    Well to be fair on this idea alone, I am sold! If they live up to the idea of mix and matching weapon parts and naming them, then I can expect the community to make so many sexual references like “The Big Willy”

    The adult in me would play it just because it sounds/looks fun.
    The kid in me wants to try to make as many ‘Male Junk’ Jokes for my weapons as possible.
    And the gamer in me will be trying this out when it gets into Open beta.

    And I can not wait till PSO2 comes to America. Rumor has it that the game will launch in late Feb or early March.

  6. I dunno…I’m thinking that one level had no textures to load. Everything was the same shade of offwhite & overly smooth while the latter level has eh semirealistic textures.

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