Sidequest: SkySaga (Alpha Impressions)

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  1. I really can’t decide if I want to give this game a shot. I’ve played around with the Alpha a little bit (You were right, it’s extremely easy to get in) but I’m just not certain if it’ll be worth it. It is fun though, has a great art style and seems like it’s be a nice game, I just think I’ll wait until it’s fully released before devoting myself to it.

    • On one hand it appears as if they have a shortage of alpha testers, given the emptiness of their forum, twitter, & facebook pages, on the other hand it says there will be Wipes between alpha stages that undo anything you’ve built. It does occasionally crash for random reasons. Of course with so few people offering feedback at this point, anything posted in the Suggestions forums may actually come true.

      The game is not that resource heavy, but I will forever remember it as the game that put the nail in the coffin of my second graphics card & finally gave me an excuse to splurge on a new one.

  2. As I only use Creative Mode in Minecraft, if I had to compare this game to anything, it would be Trove.

    Even after 6 years, there’s that vocal minority of idiots who do not understand that Voxel RPG is a genre, & insist that everything is a ripoff of something else. I guess I can’t fault them for the latter part of that, since everything from Hollywood to Nintendo franchises support it, but it’s foolish to believe originality exists when even things that seem new today were inspired by something from the past.

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