World of Warplanes (Episode 79)


Light on tribunal members this episode. Dreskar and I are the only people who played it. At least there’s less to read this time…

Setch Dreskar:
This is going to be an odd one for me, because everything this game does wrong tries to push me away, and I will admit right here and now I won’t be continuing to play it. However the title has reignited my love affair of the German Luftwaffe and the Japanese Zero planes and seriously makes me want to reinstall War Thunder again just to unlock them once more. Now that won’t happen because Gaijin is… well being Gaijin but I seriously want to state that World of Warplanes isn’t a bad game at all, it just has several flaws that become larger and larger with hindsight and increased passage of time.
I think if Wargaming seriously recommitted to this title, and worked on making it less about ramming your plane down an enemy’s throat and more about using your main armaments strategically, it could be a seriously fun title. It just needs its controls and awful drunken flailing ironed out to stop the decline in population and try and bring in new fresh blood to revitalize the title.
Recommended?: NO, it is just too far gone in it’s current state.

When I first looked at World of Warplanes only three things came to mind:

  1. I really liked how the game looked and felt.
  2. I couldn’t figure out why so few people were playing it.
  3. What the hell is this War Thunder everyone is on about?

Only one of those thoughts still remain to this day for me. I like World of Warplanes. Even being more arcade-like, it just feels more natural to play to me than War Thunder did. Not having to micromanage my crew (which feels seriously P2W in that game, mind you, especially considering you can vastly upgrade turning ability via G-tolerance)
It’s just sad that War Thunder is not only the closest realized to Wargaming’s original idea (three vehicle war) but they’re also the reason for the wonky “Warplanes” moniker, and overall Gaijin been greatly mishandling War Thunder at this point.
Contrary to Dreskar, I think this one felt better, even if it’s a “one and done” match system. No spare planes.
Though that makes the ramming issue far worse. It’s clearly my biggest frustration, in that not only do lower tier planes REALLY have to work to take down a high tier plane due simply to hit point difference, but the mere fact it’s easier just to fly into an enemy plane that has lower health, because 50 HP to you is barely a tenth of your healthbar, and to your enemy it’s over half. It’s a really stupid system that should be adjusted in some manner. As Dreskar mentioned to me in RaidCall plenty of times, there’s only one type of plane that was physically made to do that, and you had to be quite skilled to do it. Colliding face first into an enemy plane and not suffering as much as prop damage is ludicrous.
Still, I do like this game, and I can have some pretty good matches on occasion. I have fun.
Recommended?: YES. Tentative to your like of the genre, only.


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  1. The main issue you spoke if with the game, the low population, and tier
    Spread in battles will be addressed in
    A few days in patch 1.9 with bots filling
    Gaps were needed in matches. Like you said the game is fun, try it out
    And see for yourself.

  2. So what did Gaijin do to War Thunder? I’ve seen you guys mention this a couple of times, but I haven’t kept up with the game.

    • I might point Dreskar to this one, but LSS, they’ve been ignoring player feedback for the same of gouging money from customers, and even got kicked off the Steam Summer Sale for falsifying “sales” in order to fool people into buying from them.

    • Jon touched on a few, mainly they seem to have gone off the deep end and are unashamedly trying to milk money from their customers. After Ground Forces proved to be a big hit they have canceled all talk of adding the naval aspect of the game and have instead focused on churning out $50+ tanks that are so horrifyingly overpowered for their battle ranking that you can’t even hope to fight them. The biggest example to my mind is the infamous BOX TANK also known as SU-100Y which has a naval cannon and incredibly thick armor, which one shots any tan without even needing to aim for weak points.

      They also chose to ignore and outright censor anyone who brought up the issues of low graphics setting, making their realistic and simulator battles completely worthless as whoever has the lowest settings will win. We even demonstrated this in the video and people still claimed it wasn’t a big deal to be able to see tanks so easily, which is the only way to even target and identify tanks in those modes. This after they stated it would be an easy fix but they “don’t care so stop asking.”

      As Jon mentioned they got hammered hard for their illegal price gouging on the steam summer sale, and tried to censor anyone that brought their shady practice to light by either threatening them or outright locking their accounts. If you weren’t aware of the incident they hiked the price of many of their packages up to ludicrous levels, then saying 25% off or 50% off which brought it back down to the exact level it was before the sale.

      In essence Gaijin, named after an insult to foreigners in Japanese, have decided they are the best company and can do as many shitty things to their customers as they like and for such attitudes we won’t ever support them again and we certainly aren’t alone given the larger youtube channels and streamers opinions on Gaijin’s douchebaggery.

      • I should note when I say 1 shots any tank, I also mean at ranges in excess of 2km… Ya that is so broken.

        • Three days late, but YIKES! That sounds pretty bad, actually. I’ve never been a huge fan of War Thunder, but a friend of mine’s been trying to get me back into playing it. Thank you for saving me the time and possibly money :)

  3. Perhaps all the crazy shit you can do with friends in planes on GTAV Online has made me a little jaded, but I do believe this game would put me to sleep. & with the lack of a community, it seems overly relaxing rather than exciting.

  4. I know you did not say this expressly.. but this Sounds alot like a don’t even bother trying to play game.. Like it actually could be a great game if people played it and got over the hump issue of this game needs so many people to play so all the leveling mechanics work right, and you can actually get into battle quickly…

    But at the same time.. it really does sound it also has a few quirks that a lot of people cannot really get into. Awful controls that handle like a showboating drunk? higher tiered players simply ramming into airplanes to knock them out of the sky? And barely any community too? Does it really got anything that special to it?

    I don’t feel like it sounds like it does. Am I missing something here, Or did I just another good strike on a dead horse?

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