Sidequest: Paladins (Closed Beta)

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  1. First thing I thought when I saw the game was “Oh, they’re trying to be Overwatch.” Then I heard it’s a quasi-MOBA and I couldn’t decide whether they wanted to be Super Monday Night Combat or Battleborn. Then you brought up Hi-Rez which finally clinched it for me. This looks like an attempt to make a SMITE-like FPS game. Which is disappointing because I despise the SMITE art style. Female characters look decent, but male characters all have arms longer than their legs. Pass.

    Still, thanks for the info :)

  2. I got to try this, see if it stands up to the slew of shooters coming out.

  3. The landscape reminds me of Skysaga & Eden Eternal.

    Never thought I’d see Dobby pilot a mech.

  4. Meh… I really don’t like random generated draws to be deciding the fate of my game.. that just a breaking point for me. I really need the rules to be easy to learn and fun to bend, when I fight other people.. I want to learn how to play a game in relation to my strengths and weaknesses and then put the ‘try hard pants’ on flaunt my strength.

    The MOBA i’m in (Heroes of the Storm,) is proving to be all the engagement I need in this genre. Seriously if you told me a year ago I find a MOBA I would like playing, I would’ve probably laughed at you. (funny enough, you are the one that showed it to me..) interesting enough there is a lot of carry element in this game.. where certain charicter just feel weak till whatever level and then some skills finally gets the key it needs to unlock. But the game play does suffer if someone does not do their best, Or AFK, or even have a laggy connection..

    And as for friends, I usually make online friends playing a game.. Nobody in my RL would want to deal with a MOBA, get hearthstone, be rude enough to play Loadout when it was a playable thing, and so on and so on… In any case, a game really has to stand up on its own and speak to me from the stance of I could walk into a pickup ground and play it without feeling like I need to be carried if I’m to enjoy it… and this just does not have any sense of that from what I took from the review..

    Given all that I said..I have to wonder if you can find or recommend I look at any game in particular over this? I’m not a very good player.. but I don’t keep playing a game that proves nothing but frustration for me..

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