Warface (Episode 84)


Can you feel the “meh”? We all liked this enough, but not enough to keep it around. Once again Dreskar, Karochi and myself offer up our thoughts.

Setch Dreskar:
Well this is an odd one for myself, I don’t know if I can outright recommend it because it is a game I won’t be continuing, but it isn’t terrible either. I am still curious why people thought we would be ranting and railing against this game hardcore and the vast majority of people warning us that it was going to be crap, it simply isn’t.
What we have here is a competent game that does what it does decently well but doesn’t have all that much flash to really draw you in and keep you in. If I had to give a recommendation one way or the other I would have to say yes, there isn’t anything here I find offensive and you could very well get some good fun out of it for awhile compared to other titles. To me this feels like ZMR done right, and we don’t have to worry that Crytek stole all their assets and gameplay from someone else.

I don’t see why anyone would play this game. It feels like a prototype where they’re gonna put the interesting mechanics in later. It’s functional (except for the anti-hacking features) but it doesn’t really have anything that would make me want to play it instead of any other shooter. The setting is uninteresting, the level design varies from OK to real shitty. The classes don’t really feel very unique or interesting. You need at least 3 of the classes to refill the different bars that run out through gameplay. That’s about it.
I can usually muster some emotional response about a game, but all my fucks about Warface have slipped away. I don’t wanna play any more of it, but that’s mostly because
I think my time would be better spent taking a nap.
Recommended?: NO.

I don’t know why people were expecting me to get MAD at this. I got MEH at this, at worst. My stance on this game would make an exceptional location for DOOP because I have no strong feelings one way or the other. It was hardest for me to even give a shit, you know? The only time I felt any sort of odd feelings toward this game is seeing just how painfully overpriced the cash shop was, calmed when it didn’t seem necessary for progression. Otherwise, this episode is short because.. what really is there to talk about? Shoot dudes. Go to next place. Shoot more dudes. Win?
Recommended?: All I know is my gut says “maybe”, but I tend to lean neutrality toward the positive, so, YES.


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  1. any FPS similar to this with the decent player base? many of FPS /TPS MMO seems died out pretty quick. Difficult to queue a game nowadays.

  2. Ok.. I picked out the right publisher last time.. but I did not get the game right. How did I pick out the right publisher?! Your cryptic as all fuck about these clues! Don’t change, your fun to watch like that.

  3. I was hoping Ghost in the Shell would be available now too. Though it wasn’t until I saw the developers live stream I realized it was all FPS PVP. I don’t know, had been oddly hoping for something I could kinda solo.

    I need to find a shooter similar to learn how to PLAY shooters like that so when it does finally launch I’m not constantly kicked from rooms for being the n00b.

    The holiday skins for this were amusing if nothing else.

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