Sidebar: Interview with Mark Jacobs (Camelot Unchained)

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  1. I’m curious how such an open skill system will go. I’m unsure of the heavy PvP/RvR focus. Games in the past have discovered just how shallow the pool of people interested in exclusively PvP can be.

    He did mention there would be PvE within the PvP, like guards set up by a Guild at their Guild Keep sort of stuff, so it’s not completely abandoning that sort of stuff, it’s just focusing it into the RvR mandate. As a fan of DAoC I’m fully willing to give it a fair shake, though it’s obvious DAoC realized that not everyone would be interested in RvR way back then, so I’m unsure of where this is going to go.

    The subscription I’m not against, but the modern mentality toward subscriptions could hurt them, the games that can manage to get away with subs these days are far and few between.

    I guess we’ll see.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Subbing an interview like this couldn’t have been easy.

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