The Crew (Special Episode)


We’ve all more or less reached a general consensus on this game. You’ll probably notice a common theme among the entries of Dreskar, Dobar, Tebble and myself…

I am going to keep this rather brief as I will be recommending the game but with a major stipulation. That stipulation being I played the game for free because of Ubisoft’s 30 year anniversary giveaway and I can safely say for that price the game was worth it, horrible Uplay bugs and all. Yet I wouldn’t pay too much money for this, it just doesn’t offer anything that screams I must own it and really it is just every Ubisoft cliche in one title, sans climbable towers. For an MMO it is very lacking. You can’t create your own character, faction choices don’t matter, the population is sparse and honestly can get in your way while trying to play the game. Hell if you could pick this up for 10 bucks then knock yourself out, otherwise just save it for something better and trust me there are way better choices out there.
Recommended?:  YES, wait for a massive sale though.


I think I am going to mirror most of the sentiments here in saying that your enjoyment of the game will depend on how much you spent on the game.  If you were like us, and got the game for free thanks to Ubisoft’s 30th year anniversary giveaway, then this game is definitely worth it.  It is far superior to Drift City, but to be fair, almost every game we have seen is better than Drift City, so that point is moot.  One problem I personally ran into was my PS4 controller not working with The Crew, despite it working perfectly well with the Crew at one point and working well on other games, like FFXIV.  Trying to play this game on keyboard and mouse is a nightmare.  I would probably play this more if I was not running into these issues.  It’s not a bad game, but not something to go out of your way for.  If you got it for free, it is worth it to at least try it.  At this time, for $30, this is not worth buying.  Even $15 might be too much, I would wait for it it to drop under $10 before picking it up.  It’s not a bad game, but you are probably playing something better right now.
Recommended?: If you got it for free a few weeks ago, YES, otherwise, wait for a steep price drop.


Before Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary I hadn’t known The Crew existed but, seeing as it was a free game and the idea of a MMO racing game had always intrigued me, I decided to try it out and was surprised to find it a quite enjoyable experience.
After putting many hours into this and reaching max level, I have found this to be the most enjoyable racing game I have ever played and one I will continue to play for quite a long time but, I can see it has many downsides as it is perhaps a shallow ocean of content that becomes repetitive as there is nothing all that “MMO” about this game other than it being online in a large sandbox-like map of the US.
The main draw of the game comes from having a large open map to drive around in and the wide variety of cars you can collect and customize but, if collecting cars doesn’t interest you then there isn’t much to do after the main storyline other than competitive PvP races.
P.S. Despite the world map having many horrible inaccuracies such as Death Valley being north of Las Vegas and 95% of the West Coast being California with Seattle tacked on, this is still the best recreation of the Contiguous United States I have ever seen in a video game.
Recommended?: YES but, I would wait for it to go on sale unless you are really dying for a racing game of this magnitude.


Am I supposed to write something here? It’s a car game alright.
…more than that? Do I have to?
Shit, this was my idea, after all.
I’m finding it hard to say anything about this game, as it’s another case of me finding something so inoffensive, I can’t really find myself caring to speak about it that much. It’s pretty, sure. It’s an impressive world, yeah. It handles well, and has great effort for an open world racer, but I can’t bring myself to care enough to play it.
The story is a special kind of stupid, with the almost too literal car-racing gang going so far to have their leaders ranked by Engine type. Like V2-V9 kind of shit. That’s so utterly stupid, I can’t imagine it coming from anywhere but a bunch of French guys binge-watching the “Fast and the Furious” series and studiously taking notes.

So… not my kind of game, but I can see the enjoyment one could get out of it. Don’t look at me though, I’m uninstalling this thing the minute you read this line.
Recommended?: YES, even if I don’t care enough, it’s a good game for what it is.


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