Winning Putt (Episode 93)


The fun dies fast. Come see what Dreskar, Dobar and myself though of this game, if I didn’t make it painfully obvious in the video…

This is going to be a simple one for me. The answer is no, don’t even look at the damned thing. Oh sure it is an okay to average golfing game, and you can get a few laughs out of playing with friends. That being said this is the most shamelessly cash grab, pay to win fuck you game I have played in a long time. Namco Bandai stooped down to such levels of greed and stupidity that I could never, ever recommend this to anyone regardless of how good the game may be. Fortunately the game isn’t all that great, and is just average so you aren’t even missing out on anything special, unless you like horrendous voice work, ugly texture work and visuals and a convoluted mess of a game. If you do like those, you can easily look elsewhere to get your kicks and leave this game to the waste bin where it belongs.
Recommended?:  FUCK NO

By the time this is posted, Winning Putt will be off my computer.  I was sorta looking forward to this review and had fun for a little while, but the problems mounted with this game.  Trying to hit an accurate shot is nearly impossible, some holes are impossible to birdie for a non-cash shop player starting out, and the ugly graphics just pop out once you look into it.  While I had fun playing with Grindstone, I think I would have had more fun with almost any other multiplayer game.  Playing solo was a chore and while I had a great match with someone much higher level than me, where I choked on the last hole to lose the match, I know that I was lucky.  This game is such a pay-to-win piece of garbage that I would not recommend anyone play this game.  The actual golf is not fun and while I may not have ran into the pay-to-win crowd, I know I would have eventually ran into them.  I honestly might put this game lower than Swordsman as my worst game we reviewed this year, it is not a good game at all.
Recommended?: NO, not even with friends. Almost any game is better.

“This is going to get worse before it gets better.”
I’m waiting… just WAITING for some dipshit to rag on this video because I didn’t get to a high enough level, as if that somehow fixes the omnipresent technical issues and gameplay issues this game has at its core. I’m honestly appalled at how badly this game runs, because I don’t remember even a quarter of these issues during the beta. Hell, I think I had to convince the rest of Grindstone to at least keep playing when they found out it was golf back in the “Project: New Sky” days, as they also were consumed by the golf game stigma. I was just looking for another Pangya alternative. I don’t feel too many companies have fun with the sport, or genre. At least not as an MMO.
But what Winning Putt has become I cannot forgive in any form. It runs like trash, it’s physics are complete nonsensical garbage, performance issues render the game unplayable for the absurdly unforgiving and precise swing/hit mechanics. Pay-to-Win shouldn’t be a fucking thing AT ALL. Whether or not its unquestionable inclusion bugs you, or the community’s rejection of it shows an attitude that’s unwilling to accept it, it still exists. Did you even SEE how broken and fucked up this game looks? Grass growing through staircases and golf balls? Trees growing in the middle of the road? Ugly floating textures? Stolen, poorly cut logos, including the Raspberry Pi logo?! Why give us a massive lobby to explore if you’re just going to include nothing in it but fucked up textures and mapping that would have probably looked ok ONLY as background decoration? Isn’t all this unnecessary asset rendering basically killing the performance enough already?
This is a game I found to be Birdemic levels of amusing at first, but only made me more angry the more I played it. You can tell when watching my streams from the first day to the last.
We get a new golf game backed by a publisher that has brought us classic franchises, like Pac-Man and Tekken, and new classics like Dark Souls and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, yet the game plays and looks like a shit-tier Chinese knock-off and Pangya is the one getting shut down? God damn this shithole of a year.
Recommended?: NO. Hell, fuckin’ no.


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  1. hey look the voice cast from might no 9

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