Sidequest: Kritika Online

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  1. I vote for putting at least one of those streams up in an archive, if only as an example of “and this is how the game plays if you sit around and grind it for a few hours on end”. You know, actual gameplay. Hell, I vote that you do that for at least one “Live and Grinding” stream video of each game that makes it onto MMO Grinder, for the sake of having a “live-fire gameplay” video. (Also to drive more people over to the Twitch/YouTube streaming side of things.)

    I also hope Kritika ends up getting a full episode, if only because, well…looking thru some of those old MMO Grinder episodes, there’s quite a few of those beat em’ ups that are gone from the US/EU areas now, huh.

  2. “Think I should give this full episode treatment?”
    Yeah. Way more interested in this than in… well, I’m not here to complain about game choices. I never dislike having another episode, I’m always interested, but not every game is one that I would consider playing and this has gotten me more intrigued than some others than you’ve covered.

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