Sidequest: Fortnite

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  1. Genuinely interesting to hear such a genuinely positive take on Fortnite from MMO Grinder! Especially when most people/outlets (sorry, but rightfully) peg this as a weird, unfocused mishmash by Epic of just a whole bunch of ideas looking to capitalize on what’s popular without coalescing into a nice whole. A little bit crafting, a little bit mobile microtransaction f2p, a little bit hero shooter, a little bit cartoony visuals, a little bit Battlegrounds now…

    It is pretty funny that you after you mention here how good it is there’s no PvP and how it wouldn’t make sense in this world they’ve recently announced their Battlegrounds ripoff for this.

    At any rate, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the full release review to see if/how opinions will change here, as Epic mucks around with whatever formula they have a whole bunch – who knows what it’ll be like when you finally give it a full review. After all, Paragon seems to get a radical overhaul every 3-4 months it seems. They don’t seem to know what to do with that either, just that they want some of that lane-pusher success money. Hopefully Fortnite fares better.

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