Sidequest: Hyper Universe


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  1. Huh…I guess if I’ve never seen MOBA done this way before, it’s new to me! But…is there any real change to the playstyle other than “it’s on a different axis”? I can’t see much of a change-up to the formula, from what I see here. You’d THINK they’d take the chance to, you know, do something different? No? Same MOBA, same item system, same everything?

    Oh, and it’s Nexon? AND they put it in “Early Access”, you say? And you can only play for cash money down right now? Well, guess I’m not going to check it out so I could say that….I went to….see the elephant? :V
    (tho i’m sure the image boards out there have got people covered on that one WOOB WOOB WOOB)

    • I think what’s funny is that one of the first things brought up to me was “Awesomenauts” in the comments with people basically calling this game a 1 for 1 clone of it.
      And it’s totally not. Awesomnauts’ more like “Super Smash MOBA.” You can see most of the map at once, there is multi directional 360° aiming and the action is more fast paced than deliberate.
      Hyper Universe really is just “a standard MOBA but in 2D.”

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