Dungeon Fighter Online (Episode 5)

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  1. Please tell me you plan on doing a backtrack at least for DFO when it comes out in March this year! There will be a ton of new stuff. Just to help promote this awesome and underrated game!

  2. You might want to update the episode guide page, taken that DFO was shut down by NEXON this summer.

  3. Nice review, but I thought I should mention a couple of things you missed.

    1. The game DOES have gamepad support. It’s just that there’s no visible option for it on the menu. You have to enter the buttons manually on the key config menu.

    2. While I agree having to login to the game through the site is annoying, you’ll be glad to know they got rid of that crap when they ported the game over to Steam. If you’re playing via Steam, all you have to do is login with your Nexon username and password, and you’re good to go.

  4. I’m really, REALLY interested in this game. The only problem with it is that, as stupid as it sounds, some game developers deter me from playing. They could make a game where you automatically are given 100,000 US Dollars and a date with a Super Model of your choice just for playing it for the first five seconds, and I would STILL avoid it for being a NEXON game.

  5. About Pi Story….I may have seriously messed up priorities in life, but for me, there‚Äôs nothing sadder than a development team that spent countless hours on a game, only for it to fail. Same for MMOs, because once they go down, they never rerelease & sell them as singleplayer games for hardcore fans to buy for nostalgia. I would totally buy a singleplayer version of an MMO I liked that went down.

  6. Decent review, just wanted to note one thing though:
    PVP is autoballenced. No matter what your stats are going into pvp, everything you own and your own stats are kicked up to match everyone else. This also removes the “pay for power” element as while the bonuses still exist, they are balanced away and you might find that because of your high armor/attack/hp from your cash items your other stats may be less compared to another character of the same class, as their averages are different than yours.

  7. I think I’ll stick to Rusty Hearts. Specially since I’m in Brazil so I can’t play this game anyway.

  8. lol I saw that rusty hearts reference. I’m expecting a video on it now. >:D

  9. A faceless Matt

    Hey, I just wanted to bring something up you forgot to mention: the subclasses. Each class as 2-4 subclasses with some that drastically alter how the character plays in-game like changing their attack methods from relying on melee to relying on magic.

  10. First of all, I like the website. Very clean.

    As for the game itself, I can’t really say it has peaked my interest, though I enjoyed the review all the same. I may check it out one day if I’m in need of some fairly light and non-committal gameplay, but for now, I’ll pass… Besides, I’ve already become too engrossed in LOTRO, and I don’t feel like I’m going to stop sticking at it soon. My girlfriend likes it too, thankfully, so that’s always a plus.

    So, overall, a great episode as always. I wait with excitement to see what you’re doing next.. Whatever it may be, it sounds interesting.

    (Heh heh, and I must say, I laughed at the hierarchy of your character selection criteria – oh, how painfully similar to my own.)

  11. Hi My Jon, good to see you on your own site my Jon. Thanks for posting a video on your own site my Jon. Piece!

  12. Excellent episode! I used to play this game a while back. I can’t wait for the next episode :)

  13. Its a shame that Europeans cannot play this game without utilizing VPN, I really wish to play it :(

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