Poll for Episode 10.

UPDATE: Poll is closed. League of Legends wins.

Since it was voted on often for the Halloween Episode, I have chosen 10 MMOs from the Suggested MMO List that you can choose from to decide from if you want to see me review it for Episode 10. I’m not much for “milestones”, but I figured a poll would be a good way to decide on what you’d want to see.

Rules again are as follows… well more of a cautionary, really. If the game chosen as the number one spot cannot be reviewed for any reason, be it my PC won’t handle it, I am unable to register, I cannot record it, or it just ends up being shut down, I will immediately default to the next highest on the list, until I find one that will work. It’s been a while since I played a few of these, and I don’t know how well they will take to this PC. I also may have to make some room. (Sorry, LOTRO. 8 gig is pushing it.)

I will “close” the poll right before Episode 9 airs, and announce it at the end of Ep 9. (Don’t worry, next week is only Episode 8.)


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  1. Wow, if you thought LOTRO being 8GB was a bit much, you’ll never review Age of Conan then. Pre-expansion the base install was THIRTY SEVEN gigs. No, seriously. It’s the biggest damn game I’ve EVER installed, bigger than my install of Oblivion with almost 200 mods, many of which were large.

    • Ouch.

      What I meant was that 8 gig was a bit much to have hanging around for a game I rarely play. I’m sure I have the room for AoC, and I sure as hell don’t plan on keeping it.

      • I know this reply comes kind of late, but AoC really doesn’t deserve the reputation it’s got. It was a disaster at launch, but the devs worked very hard on fixing the core issues and bugs. It’s a very enjoyable game now, especially if you have the pc to run it, as the graphics are gorgeous. It does have some issues (Imbalanced pvp at endgame) and the community (on the EU servers at least) is pretty childish, but no game is perfect.

        I would reccomend waiting to review it until you have a new PC. I saw how much your LOTRO review stuttered, and I therefore doubt you’d be able to run AoC with a decent FPS.

  2. well MMOs arent always MMORPGs. MMO is pretty much any game that has servers that support mass amount of players to play together. He reviewed Dungeon fighters online and it was an MMO-arcade-beat’em up. Now adays, there are all types of MMO styles going on out there and its kinda hard to cover them all which many ppl here fear he might do but i have faith in him and his abilities ^-^. I would like to recommend 2 mmos he should try, vindictus (mabinogi: heros in korea){yes another nexon game -.-} and Final Fantasy 11, which i still play nowadays ever since it first came out in america(October of 2003, yep im still proud of saying i play this game for 9 years). vindictus is free to play and ff11 is sadly still subscription based but that shouldn’t stop you from trying it out :)

  3. I’ll be rooting for Ragnarok. Played that sexy thing for two years and enjoyed most of my time on it. Great character progression and awesome combat mechanics. It may be simple, but it works. Which is more I can say about other MMOs I’ve played.

  4. Before we spend the majority of this poll arguing semantics about what is or isn’t an MMO, I put it on there because it was requested. End of story.

    This list’s choices were made up of the games that I got the most requests for, compiled by Suggested MMO List comments, twitter responses on both my accounts, and e-mails.

    Despite the many arguments I’m hearing, doing a Google search for League of Legends still brings up many sites like MMOHut, Joystiq’s “Massively” and the MMO section of OnRPG, so many still place it under that category.

    In fact most everyone who’s suggested the game to me still considers it an MMO, and well, I haven’t played it. I wouldn’t know. Still there’s a LOT of games I’ve covered that hardly qualify as the ideal of an “MMO” but are still highly considered one by many. Pangya doesn’t let you play more then 4 people in a room. Myst only lets you find and join people if you perform a complex process beforehand.

    I placed LoL so people who were so enthused about seeing me look at the game would have a chance to expedite the process, not so everyone would argue about self-imposed terminology. If you don’t want to see it reviewed for Episode 10, vote for something else, but at the end of the day it’s my decision if I choose to include it or not. Ragnarok and DDO are making a pretty good push against LoL, and I’m honestly glad I don’t have one game sweeping the others like I did in the last poll.

    I mix it up because the sprawling world MMOs bore the hell out of me if I play one after another, and I don’t want to feel like I’m constantly playing the same game with a different coat of paint.

    • Yes, in the end, it’s your choice if you want to do LoL or not.

      Im just fearing that once you slightly swerve into the gray area, people will use the game as an example to start requesting games from other genres. This show is still new and I’d prefer if it remains a pure MMO showcase, before turning into a general free-to-play games showcase.

      But, it’s totally your show and I totally understand wanting to mix it up. And even though the web is overflooding with LoL videos, I’ll still watch your review of it, if only to see you yell in frustration (the community is pretty bad I hear).

      • I’ve more or less envisioned MMOs as the specialty, not the standard. I’m not too afraid of branching out, as long as I stay within my own mysterious clearly undefined logic as to what I review. To set your mind at ease, I won’t be reviewing Battlefield 3 or Team Fortress 2, but I might look at S4League or Battlefield Heroes.

        MegaGWolf has warned me ALL about the community of LoL. I think when a game is more about direct competition and not so much cooperation, this is the kind of attitude that spawns from it.

        It’s like the e-mail I get reading “You should play this game. It’s terrible!” I swear some people pick games just because they want to see me suffer. Sadists, the lot of them.

    • TheBurningFiddler

      If your are going to play LoL start out on co-op vs AI, the players are much more forgiving and the bots are easier to predict.

  5. honestly the only game i would consider to be a MMO is eve online. one server for everybody that is what an mmo is meant to be.

    and honestly saying LoL is an mmo is like saying an FPS game with online DRM is an mmo

  6. I would have liked to see Pirates of the Burning Sea on the poll. It’s a great game with original gameplay and really needs the attention of more potential players.
    It’s also extremely easy on the wallet. One month of premium gives you a whole bunch of features that you then get to keep indefinitely and there are no must-haves in the cash shop.
    Check out some videos on YouTube at least and see if it appeals to you.

  7. Hi Mark Lair!One of the M in the game stand for “massively”
    And I don’t think you can have more than 50 players on a map in Team Fortress 2.
    So check for the word massive.

    Now before you ask me about all your other games you’re eager to display just know this.MMO stand for :
    Massively Multiplayer Online.

    Those are only three words from your language that might be really easy to analyse and compare to a game.


    • I know what it stand for. The point I’m trying to make is that moba games are closer to online fps games than MMO’s. You can’t have more than 50 players on a match in LoL either can you? So if what makes an MMO is that you need to have more than 50 players in an active game then lobby based games are not MMO’s and therefore neither are MOBA games.


  8. Come on Ragnarok you can do it we are pulling for you! GO GO GO!

  9. Modern FPS are not MMOs coz they actually have different game modes that are mainly offline.
    A MMO can ONLY be played online.The title says it all.

    Now there’s different spectrum for MMOs and usually you add another word next to it.
    (MMO rpg,MMO soccer,MMO nose picking etc etc…)

    • What about Team Fortress 2. That is online only. Is that an MMO?

      And doesn’t LoL have an single player training mode as well. I’m not sure if its offline, but then again, because of DRM issues, lots of games have to be online even for single player.

      Then again, LoL has never even claimed to be an MMO. Reading it’s wikipedia page doesn’t even mention the word MMO anywhere.

  10. David Barbarian

    Please for the love of god, don’t do LoL without covering all the bases, or at least touching them. Just going to kick up a shit storm about the ‘MoBA’ ‘genre’. And if you do, I’d like to see a brief analysis of the other major competitors, or at least a mention. I don’t know how, but LoL seems to be stealing all the thunder, and it seems to me to be the weakest. And I’m not some HoN or DotA elitist. I just find that when people try to compare it to those two games and say it is better, they fail to see that HoN and DotA, whilst, falling within the same category, are fundamentally different in game play and strategy. I don’t want this to seem like a rage against LoL, I just want all bases covered in order for LoL to get a rounded judgement. Good day sirs and madams.

  11. I fail to see why League of Legends is even on this list. I don’t list MOBA games as MMOs at all. There is no persisting character development that I know of. Everytime you join a match you restart at lvl 1. There is no adventuring or exploring (and if you are like me who likes to explore, you will be hanged if you try to do so in a MOBA game). Heck, I don’t even know if there is anything besides the competitive gamemode in LoL.

    • Just because LoL has no persisting character development that you and I even don’t know of, doesn’t mean that it can’t outright be a MMO. MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. As long as it has that, I don’t see how it can’t be an MMO. The problem with my logic is that games like BF3 should be an MMO with it’s multiplayer. Then again, the fact that it is Massive Multiplayer Online for the most part, why shouldn’t we rule that out? I think we all have a reason why we say some games are “MMO’s” but there must be a reason to why LoL is considered one. Hell, I guess thats another big reason to review it, just what the hell do you do in it?

      • If you can consider Moba games as MMO, then FPS shooters with a lobby could be considered MMO games as well. Heck, even BF3 has some sort of character development because it has unlockables. In my opinion, lobby based games with less than 100 players in an active game are not MMO games.

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