Off-Week Update (for Ep. 8)

While I’d like to say this is the “halfway” point between the last episode of MMO Grinder and the next one, I am actually shooting for a Halloween day release. Wish me luck with that.

I’ve been busy working on a Haunted Trail this past weekend, and had a few other things to take care of in the past couple day, but I think I have enough of a handle on Hellgate to finish up the script. I’m shooting for finishing it today, with filming tomorrow or Friday, and editing on Friday or Saturday. I’m going to have to see what my schedule is like. As much as I don’t want to wait until next Wednesday, at least expect it by then if nothing is completed for Halloween.

I’m really thinking of doing Rusty Hearts for Episode 9. There’s a bit of technical drama going down with Perfect World and the release of Natasha, but if they figure it out, she’ll be a playable character by the time Episode 8 is complete. If not… I’m going to need to find a backup.

I also had a bit of time making a Mountain Dew video (The stinger of Episode 7 wasn’t just a joke.) If you want to check it out, or at least me try something similar to a vlog when I do a live tasting, I’ll embed it here.


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  1. I have the feeling Phelous would really like to do an audio book.

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