Rusty Hearts (Episode 9)

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  1. Rusty Hearts is shutting down next month.

    • It’s -been- shut down for a long time – since February, if I recall correctly, or whenever that stupid WebZen thing started. They never decided to update it for two years before that either, from what I heard, which is depressing, because it was an awesome game :<

      RIP, RH on Perfect World Entertainment. Hopefully someone else will come along and pick you up in the future?

  2. that’s depressing to hear

  3. **DO NOT** try to play this game. PWE has really just plain given up on it in favour of their new action MMO RaiderZ. Rusty Hearts has just been getting less and less attention and new bugs that go on for months on end. There was the rollback bug which would reset your char causing it to lose minutes or hours of game play (took four or five months to get around to fixing this) and now the game has been without guilds for about four months with no fix in sight. There has been a host of other bugs, failures and plain they don’t care like matters that it is just not worth getting into. A healthy portion of the forum goers are ex-players that find the forums more entertaining than the game in its current state. It *WAS* a really good game but PWE has been running it into the ground for most of 2012.

  4. When I first watched this video 3 months ago or so I was very intrigued but never downloaded it. After looking for my first F2P game for some time, I decided to go with this one, mostly because or your review, and some of the new characters I have seen on their website(A Martial arts girl, and 2 sisters, one a gothic lolita and one a long haired fighter). Thank you for making this video, or I would have never heard of this game.

    I was looking at some of their other stuff, like perfect World… you said you used to play it. Is it good?

    And yes, I know their is little chance of getting a response here…

    • I haven’t checked back with RH in a while, but I did know a lot of the new characters were essentially reskins or “distaff counterparts” of the existing ones. The Martial Arts girl (I forget her name) plays EXACTLY like Tude MacCloud. There might be more added as of late. I really should stop by again sometime.

      • I’ve heard that was the case. Well, I like that idea since if you want to play the other style, you don’t have to play they same guy again. Plus, I enjoy playing as female characters. :)

        I’m shocked you responded yo me, haha.

      • that’s not entirely true each of the alternate characters usually uses a weapon differently which can alter how well they can combo. oh and since then they’ve added 2 reskins for franz and a reskin for angela (a busty chick a loli and a shota respectively) the loli 1 can be attained for free by goin to their site and liking them on face book or somethin

        • They seemed to have just added a huge update to the game, giving all the characters a third weapon. Franz gets twin swords, Angela gets a Glave, Tude gets demon gloves, and Natasha gets a wepon box(reminds me of that one weapon in DmC 4). Also new areas, skills and all that. Looks pretty fun, and may jump back in.

          • also angela’s alternate avatar is now free. a word of warning tho if u already did ur focus w/ a char ur outta luck w/ gettin the other focus u’ll have to roll a new char. also it seems all the alternate avatars (meilin roselle etc.) now start in their own area or something

            • So the Shota is free too huh? Might grab him then.

              no, I am still below level 10 with all my characters. So I’m lucky there. Them starting in a new area seems interesting as well.

  5. didn’t get at all that part after the credits lol

    awesome review btw, i got very excited to ploay the game after i saw it, and really loved the game =D

    • It’s a long running joke I use. The icon in the achievement is Chris Hansen, who, for those not in the U.S., hosted a show called “To Catch A Predator”, where he would lead investigations luring guys on the internet into meeting with underage (12-14 year old) girls, and get them arrested when they showed up.

      The implication to the joke is that Angela is rumored to be underage.

      I hear there is a new character released lately… some sort of martial arts girl. I’ll have to pop in the game again to take a look.

      • if u haven’t check it out yet yea her name’s Meilin Chen she fights and uses the same stuff as tude tho i believe her animations with gauntlet is different then tude’s tho claw seems the same animation wise she costs 1985 zen for just her or 2585 zen for her a costume pack (valued at 1285 zen) and a 30 day level up pack (valued at 1500 zen). Franz is also getting an alternate char named.. Roselle i believe but i don’t know any details pertaining to when she comes out

  6. This was an absolutely awesome game review, I hope you keep up the level depth in future game reviews!

  7. I actually ended up giving this a shot due to your video and it’s eating into my NEStalgia time. So, thanks for the heads up on a pretty enjoyable game. It’s fun in short bursts especially. I can’t just sit down and run dungeons over and over again but I keep finding myself coming up with excuses to come back to my computer and run another 2 or 3 times.

    Nice to see your stuff cropping up on TGWTG again. Hopefully you find success there.

    I also hope you someday add NEStalgia to your suggestions list. But I don’t anticipate anyone else bringing it up so I’d understand it not making the cut.

    Have fun! I’m looking forward to see what you think of LoL.

  8. holy crap this vids on tgwtg!!!!!

  9. was that a sonic screwdriver? ^^

  10. I recently quit LoL actually. The community is absolutely toxic. It can be fun with friends but be prepared to be called a lot of unpleasant things if you don’t want to play flavor of the month characters.

    Prepared to be mocked at every step of your journey by enemy and ally alike.

  11. Theres a reason why CoH has been around for 7 years cause its a awsome game! Dc universe just came out cause they saw what they could of done along time ago that coh is doin and coh beat them to the punch… Champions is just a game made by a ex ncsoft graphics designer that quit or got fired so he tried making his own game… City of Heroes all the way!

  12. I got this on steam the other day and it’s fun, I also know that LoL has some real assholes in the community, but once you get a solid group of friends together you really shouldn’t have to worry about it too much, might I just shamelessly plug if you’re looking for guides/advice.

  13. Ouch LoL. Well you were bound to play it eventually with a web-series like this. You have my sympathies.

    So are you going to continue playing RH now that you completed the episode? Or did you get your fill of the game during the past 2 weeks?

  14. Huzzah! I’ll just check this off my list of things I want to see reviewed. Good luck with LoL. I played that for 5 minutes and got sick of it. Between getting ganked every 12 seconds and the community bashing me, I’d rather be a poor, black, overaged, homosexual jew from the south in MapleStory -.-

  15. I saw this once when Angry Joe posted a closed-beta video on TGWTG. When I saw it show up on STEAM of all places, tho, I had to give into curiosity. Speaking of, I do like how if running this game via Steam, when you go to do anything that would involve opening a browser window, it just uses Steam’s inlay browser. Nice and smooth.
    I like this game. I like old-style beat-em-ups, I like games that aren’t too heavy on the “need best gear always” mentality. And I got some of the same kind of warm fuzzies I got when I was playing Phantasy Star Online way back when.
    Just a note, the reason the “choose buff” on cash shop costumes doesn’t work is because they just give you a random buff on them, ever since they made costumes not-rental-items. If you didn’t know by now already.
    By the way. Konami? Yah, if you guys ever want to make a Castlevania fighting-type game again, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT.
    Err, dang, long comment, but I also have to ask…Scythe focus Angela: any good?

    • Scythe Angela is only good if you like slower paced and spell-based combat. She doesn’t do that great solo, and you have to be really careful because the scythe has some SERIOUS downtime. Once you get the timings down, it can completely wreck a room full of enemies, and the sheer power of Ice Blade and Ice Crystals makes for some serious damage. A lot of people seem to focus mostly on her Fire and Water Spells when going for a Scythe build… at least that’s what I kept hearing in chat.

  16. When I first installed this game, I wasn’t expecting any kind of music to be honest, but like you said, the games own music is very good. It is actually very refreshing to hear someone elses opinion on this game, seeing as I used to play this with a friend. But, I think I’ve pestered you enough about Rusty Hearts, so, thank you for the review, I think I’ll get back to Rusty Hearts when Skyrim bores me.

  17. Excellent review. I am going to give this game a try now.

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