Backtrack: Rusty Hearts

Original Review: Episode 9

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  1. Its shutting down Sept. 15th, just letting you man. Might want to update your episode list

  2. Aaaaand now it’s officially on death row.
    You know if it wasn’t for this Backtrack, I’d have never known that they even bothered adding anything new to the game at all, since I went on hiatus from it for a couple months.
    Seriously, I played it off of Steam, and they barely ever even updated their news page. Hell, it took me forever to even NOTICE that there was any change to the game, since the actual blurb was so short, I barely saw it.

    These folks really, really dropped the ball on so many levels. Least of which was advertising. (And no, developers, I’m not going to go to your game’s website every day to see if there’s an update coming. I own so many Steam games, that of course I can’t take the time out every day to go to YOU and find out what’s happening.)

  3. Rusty Hearts is damn fun with some great music, but you reach that point of:

    “I can grind levels, or start a new character, but it would be a lot nicer to have more to do…”

    pretty fast, and it’s sad to see nothing but “alternate characters” being added in.

  4. Ugh… That’s sad to see a developer or publisher trying to actively kill a game. A game that’s solid fun too, but they don’t want it anymore for no reason. I wish they would think more of what the players think of the game, but that also skews perspectives…

    And the story will never be finished. Good job publishers and/or developers.

    • Yeah, this doesn’t look pretty…

      Though I don’t think MMORPGs should focus too much on story, anyways. If the game is not succesful enough, the story will never be finished. If the game IS succesful, the story will eventually get ridiculous with the escalating power level the next group of bad guys will bring.

    • My sympathy is for the developers. Game development has the be the most thankless & unstable job there is. Aside from screaming whining players who don’t want to pay for anything, can never be satisfied, & are unfamiliar with patience & politeness, An entire team could go under any second, & the publisher, who do next to nothing, get to keep all of the rights & most of the money & makes calls in areas where they have no expertise because it’s business-trendy.

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