Backtrack: Pangya

Original Review: Episode 2

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  1. You forgot to mention that Hana and Nuri are no longer the starter characters. that you can pick anyone one character to start instead of buying them in the cash shop like in the older versions.

  2. Been playing this game since I first saw your original video, so excited to see you come back to it. A couple weeks ago I had the misfortune of having bittorent running when i started pangya, my pc blue screened and crashed…

  3. Player: “This game will update when hell freezes over.”
    Developers: “What a great idea for a level design! Enjoy your icy inferno!”
    Player: “This game will update when pigs fly on a blue moon & we all ride horses made of wishes.”
    Developers: “What? You thought that paper bag was a cat?”

    Spika: Nice legs…I mean swing.

    I’ll never understand why Gatchapon is successful. Maybe it’s because all Nevadans know casino machines are rigged & used to lure in foolish tourists who keep our parking free by paying a nice chunk of our taxes.

  4. Ah, thanks for reminding me this still exists. It’s a good thing that you can now practice. Don’t think I will miss out on the hotseat if it’s not there anymore, though it is nice to have it.

  5. I’ve gotten back into it again recently – I’m still not very good some people really are Unbelievably good at it. I will say I cant even alt tab and run the windows calculator while its if I recall is completely out even if you started the call prior to launching. but I’m still around IGN: PrinnyAsagi

  6. I still play Pangya(not often though kinda like grand chase just once and a while) I really hope soon or a later I will run into you.

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