Requiem (Episode 51)

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  1. Cool, you can finally look at Champions again. It added Specializations since you last played. If you remember Feats from Neverwinter, well, they’re the same thing. There’s the Alert system to queue up some quick missions that you can finish in 2 – 5 minutes, and a great way for some quick resources or experience. They’re available at level 10, but I’d wait until at least level 15 to start them, since your all the team members will be set to level 30.

    Vindictus has added 2 new classes/characters to the roaster (an archer and a duel sword girl). Unfortunately, the game’s population is dead, so bring friends.

    DCUO has added a ton of content, but 99% isn’t available for free, which is what I found out when I hit max level. Also, most of the added content is for max level characters anyway, but you can at least set up a hide-out for free.

    Star Trek Online has added a new faction, the Romulans (their planet blow up in the J.J Abrams movie). You don’t know anything about the Romulans? That’s ok, these guys seem nothing like their Star Trek: The Next Generation counterparts. Anyway, they have their own types ships with a new mechanic, and they’re own missions. Also, the Klingons have a new starting missions, with new KDF characters starting at level 1 instead of level 20. The best part, all player accounts now have 3 free character slots!

    AirMech has added a ton of stuff, such as items to customize your robot’s stats, new units, and a new Airmech. Also, all the Airmechs are free to try out.

    • I’m interested for any changes to DDO, LotRO, Runes of Magic, AoC, MapleStory, Aion, Tera, & Vindictus….Maybe hearing if any of the more generic fantasy MMO’s have become less scrappy. It’s too soon to revisit RIFT, even if a decent bit new of content is coming soon.

  2. Nice jacket, Jon.

    Are the graphics really that dark, or is just my monitor settings? Eh, I guess it doesn’t matter…the landscape looks bleak & barren regardless of where you are. the ground I could see the clearest was a jarring ultra-magnified low-res texture of real dirt.

    The soundtrack isn’t much audible over you, but it seems to have that kind of movie ambiance where you kind of just drown out.

    Kids make the worst community members, & any game that lets you see tits has a shit ton of the little pricks. They ask or tell you something, you tell them you can’t understand what they wrote & ask them to be considerate & use proper spelling & grammar, they get all defensive & start swearing, you point out that you’re dyslexic & still more eloquent than they are, then they get confused by big words that aren’t in their vocabulary & resume with their pathetic insults & if you walk away before they do, they announce that they’ve “won the argument.”

    I seriously do not get the idea behind rental costumes. The only place rentals make sense is mounts, carpet cleaners, & video stores. I have a pet peeve with player housing rentals too.

    This game is going to need a LOT of polish. Sofar the best thing I’ve heard is “$8 a month premium subscription,” which is the best subscription price I’ve ever heard. & yet you say it dropped a lot of content & actually became worse.

    I wish you’d reviewed Trickster before it shut down. :p

    • I don’t like rentals either. They have the opposite effect of what you should want as a Developer. People will earn stuff, then promptly lose it after X duration. You should encourage players to want to stay and progress, not punish them by taking their stuff away after a time period. Worst yet is that the grinds for rentals is always horrible, making the gimmick feel P2W because you know you obviously won’t get anywhere without paid Premiums. Rentals should just go away. Any game that has them is basically doomed because many people, myself included, won’t play them. Not going to spend a week getting a fancy new gun or piece of equipment just to have it vanish next week after I earn the next item. You can’t get anywhere in those games. It’s literally a hamster wheel, and you have to gouge for ridiculous “permanent” costs to keep things.(Which is so moronic. Just have the rental cost give permanent stuff.) Microvolts is an example of a game that could have been good if not ruined by rentals and P2W BS. Unless you spend a huge sack of cash on the game(More than you would for a real full price 60$ AAA game), you won’t get anywhere.

      Blacklight is an example of another game where you’ll eventually start losing your equipment at the rate you’ll getting them and never fill out a character before then. You’re wasting farm to upkeep/replace stuff you already paid for when it should be spent advancing. League of Legends is an example of F2Ps done right, and I wish more people would take a hint and follow suit. You buy a rune or hero, you own it, forever, that’s it. Your next paychecks can now go to the next item. You don’t have to rebuy anything you already earned due to expiration timers. A 6300 hero is expensive, but once you get it, you own it, forever. It does not expire and go “poof” a week later.

      • Plus rentals discourage premium wardrobe/mount/pet collecting, & people wanting to collect are more likely to spend real cash.

  3. I love that pimping outfit you’re wearing in this review. That’s a man’s outfit. I bet it makes all the women turn heads. Have no fear, Chaos the Demon Slayer is here.

  4. Oh god yes… loving the Slayer gear Chaos, looks good. Finally got it on my Illuminati as well, and of the uniforms available certainly enjoying it the most. As for the game, well I remember playing this way back when in closed beta, it was so weird, I can’t even remember why we stopped playing it back then, but we didn’t last past a few days.

  5. Oh man the feels……
    This takes me back to when I had a lvl 79 Commander in this game during my college days….

    An Apt Review. I remember it being BALLS HARD it is to get end game gear for your character. You can’t merely get it on your own. You need a guild in order to even get lvl 60 FoC gear let alone elite lvl 80 gear. The lvl 70 dungeons were incredibly difficult and the chance of getting high end gear was STUPIDLY rare.

    Also when I played this during the Bloodymare days and a little into Memento Mori…..I don’t remember there being a nude option in the cash shop. xD

  6. Wow….I was hoping this would actually be pretty good with it boasting the “horror MMO” title. Was thinking about trying it myself sometime but that just looks kinda disappointing to me. :( I can’t remember where I saw it, but read there may be a rework in progress/a new game with similar setting.

  7. I vaguely remember having some fun with Requiem and enjoying it until the insane grind kicked in.

    But I do remember some of the details like the first area and the first 25 levels basically being a big goal for starting the game, and quickly realizing it was just a tutorial (that was much harder to get to) pretty much.

    But like you mentioned, doesn’t see much like what I remember the original game as. Nightmare monsters where exactly that, a NIGHTMARE, and not to be messed with even if you where 10’s of levels higher. Dungeons where almost the same.

    Although it seems like the insane grind is there.

    Nostalgia makes me glad to see it still around, but even as I’m typing this I’m starting to remember that this was a poster child of “korean grinder” for a good reason..

    • After reading everyone’s comments, I want to see a video comparison of how different Requiem: Momento Mori is from Requiem: Bloodymare. I love a good tragedy.

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