Off-Week Update (for Ep. 10)

Alright, let’s get this thing out of the way…

First off, I’m positive I don’t need to mention this to anyone who’s reading this, but who knows?
I was recently picked up for Channel Awesome’s Blistered Thumbs. The only thing this will effect is that I will place the Blistered Thumbs bumper at the very end of the video (post stinger). I’ll post on LordKat’s Blogs and Angry Bananas, but let’s face it… a good amount of you come here first, anyway.

I’ve been getting some oddly overwhelming feedback from people, which I honestly didn’t expect. I never go into something expecting a warm reception. What I DO hear most often is that I’m very stiff in my delivery. Some even take it as “lifeless”. I guess now is as good a time to tell you that’s just how I look. I think a lot of people might be overly used to the “angry reviewer” trend that was so prevalent these past few years, but I don’t think multiple camera angles, wearing sunglasses, or flailing my arms around while wielding garden shears constitutes as a review. I really don’t appear on camera that much, unless I have a quick joke to make that I think would work better visually. That’s just how I roll. For the most part, I let the words or the footage do the talking. I only seem to go on camera to remind you where that voice is coming from. I know I’d forget.

The Superhero MMO Poll is going much better then I thought… mostly because someone posted about the poll on a message board. (Don’t think I didn’t notice the sudden influx of comments and votes, even before I checked in with the “referrers” feature on this site.)

I would like to mention to those players/commenters one thing, because there seems to be some confusion. The poll isn’t giving an award to the “best MMO” or saying that the winner is the best choice of the three. All the polls are are a gauge of interest in a certain MMO, and the winner is the one I review for that episode. In no way does that mean I WON’T review the others at some point, nor does it mean that I’m going to give any special praise to the poll winner. I’m going to go in the same way I always do. I know a lot of people think I was very negative to Maple Story, but I honestly expected to be much more harsh about it, and it was nice to see the changes they made for the better. (Also, is traveling around the entire fucking world REALLY a better option that taking the transportation provided? That seems broken as hell to me. Why not tell me it’s easier to get to China by waiting for winter and walking over the Bering Strait, and through Russia?)
Ok, I digressed long enough. When it comes right down to it, when you vote in a poll, you’re only making my job in choosing the next MMO to review that much easier. I am very impressed by your fervor however.

So, League of Legends. Ok… You all were right. It’s NOT an MMO and it really doesn’t fit my definition of an MMO, so yeah. You were right about that. Still there’s a bit of roots and style that lend itself to MMO like development, such as talent trees in the form of “Masteries” and equippable bonus traits in the “Rune” system. There’s summoner levels to be gained and grinding to be done. So it’s closer then Team Fortress 2 will ever be.
I’ve… yet to start the script because… there’s not nearly as much to talk about, and I’m wondering how I want to go about doing it. Perhaps I’ll get more work done today, if the weather would stop being so damned depressing.
If you want to catch me online in LoL, look for me as Nios, but I do play alongside a few other people. Feel free to ask me if I want in a game, but don’t expect me to answer yes every time.
I have to warn you, though. I am absolutely terrible.

I haven’t updated the Suggested MMO List in a while, and I really should get on that. I think I might want to organize it better… like separating Browser-Based MMOs for the others. I’ve received a FEW new suggestions but still haven’t gotten around to doing anything but removing Rusty Hearts from the list.

So, before I go, I mentioned that LoL doesn’t really fit what I think counts as an MMO, but as well all know, that’s a heated discussion for the ages. So much so that it’s the topic of a podcast I have been in that recently started up with TWBfromTDOB (an MMO news blogger who frequently posts on the BT Blogs, and Tyger from MUD2MMO. Right now it’s only one episode, but keep a look out for “The MMO Underground”. In time, I’ll probably have a link to it on the sidebar once we have enough episodes up. So if you want to hear a recording of myself talking out of my ass to other people for about an hour, feel free to check out the Pilot, here. We just finished recording the second episode, and if you want to keep up on anything and all things MMO, check out TWBfromTDOB’s site here.


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  1. Oh, right, and on the note of you being called “lifeless”: probably comes from having a good posture when seated, and clear and good speaking voice. People with clear voices and little to no accent are usually chosen to provide voice samples for automatons, so the machine in question won’t be misunderstood, or hard to hear, which makes people think that people who speak clearly are robotic, and thereby less human… or something

  2. Have you considered Shattered Galaxy?

    It’s an MMO//RTS, and more MMO and more RTS than LoL, which is more of a Diablo Clone… what’s the genre definition for that? I haven’t played it since its beta, but I hear it’s F2P now

  3. Your mmogrinder episodes are very informative and not lifeless and i’m happy you’re not falling into the “angry reviewer” style and forming your own =).

    Looking forward to the dreaded LoL review

  4. if you are going to uppdate the suggeting for free mmos to do mind if i add lineage 2 there sens it is going F2P nov 30 from what i got from there page

  5. Allow me to be the counterpoint of the people complaining about your “deadpan” style. I enjoy it greatly. As much as I like the more extravagant guys like AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, or even Angry Joe, it’s nice for once to see a reviewer just tell it as it is. It also suits your style, as you tend to play pretty fair with anything you review, aiming towards just the facts instead of always how they mingle with your personal tastes. I mean hell, that’s the whole point of journalism, to be unbiased, which most critics don’t seem to understand anymore.

    As for the delivery itself, it’s fine. You still have audible inflections, and it’s not like you’re Ben Stein talking in a monotone, boring the shit out of us.

  6. I am actually glad that you didn’t qualify LoL as an MMO, because it means we have at least similar idea of what an MMO is. Add to that, judging from your previous posts and videos, we have a similar taste in games as well.

    No wonder I like watching this show :D

  7. So, with your comments about LoL, does this mean you will not review other games in that style, or will it be on a case by case basis? Seems like the MMO definition becomes more open all the time, so curious as to what you will define them as. I am also trying to decide if I should honestly suggest the entropia universe games, but that seems very, very mean on my part.

    • People are telling me, if you play one MOBA, you’ve played them all. My reason for saying it doesn’t fit my idea of an MMO will be explained in the next MMO Underground podcast… whenever TWB finishes it.

      • While I get the reason to not review other MOBAs, I will have to strongly disagree with the idea that they are all the same. It’s a bit of a new genre so there hasn’t been too much deviation, but to say they are all the same is like saying all FPSs are the same, or all mmos. I still think that LoL should be reviewed because it has been the best free to play experience I have ever seen,and it has certainly gained an incredible amount of recognition with it’s 31 million players. It almost seems like LoL has become the WoW of MOBAs.

  8. Heh, “posted on a message board,” you say? I believe you’re referring to City of Heroes. I noticed that posted on the boards there, someone was asking for support. I already voted for it before I saw the thread, however, and did what I could to put in a good word for your show.

    I honestly don’t know why you’re getting comments that you’re lifeless. You do fair reviews, as opposed to show reviews, and I still feel that your MMO Grinder is one of the most objective, well-formulated review show around, and certainly the best one for MMOs that I’m aware of.

    If I had to have a guess as to why people are so fervent to get their game “win” and be reviewed, it’s because you do good reviews which are a credit to the material you pick. Keep on doing what you’re doing, dude. I’d say it’s working :)

    • I didn’t want to call them out, but it’s only beyond obvious. Yes, I did go to and read the thread, too. I’m still not telling them how effective the campaign was until the poll is closed. I’m an ass like that.

      I’ve had a few people guess they’re just not used to more serious reviews. (Well, as serious as I get.) I’m pretty sure it’s a lot to do with the angle of my camera, and my generally large-eyed and stoic stare. It worries people.

      Once again on the topic of the CoH forums, I’m glad they want more people to know about their game. It seems to make more sense to look at something “newer” but some games go relatively unknown even being years old, so there’s that. Also I don’t like looking at brand new MMO games. There’s a lot of room to grow, and most of it happens within the first few months it’s available, rendering my review that much more pointless all the quicker.

      Thank you for the kind words, of course!

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