Fantasy Tennis (Episode 11)

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  1. fyi game be dead now

  2. The game feels mostly similar to Sega All-Stars Tennis with different hit types and power shots.

  3. Pretty good review!

  4. Fantasy Tennis seems to have made fatal flaws in the game design. New players are vital to the life of an MMO so it is important to make the first few levels easy and fun for the players. This MMO will most likely have a very short shelf life since the experience system does not foster a friendly community.

  5. I also couldn’t get into CoH. The best part was character creation. And then from there I’d find myself bored and right back at the character creation screen. Kind of said when that is the most compelling part of the game. Hopefully things have changed for the better between then and now.

    As for Fantasy Tennis; I’ve never heard of it until now and while it looks fun, I can tell I’d get bored with it quickly. Easily my favorite part of this show is finding out about things that I previously didn’t know of. Which makes reviews of highly popular things like League of Legends and City of Heroes kind of meh. I’d much rather hear about things like Rusty Hearts or even this Fantasy Tennis. They’re new to me.

    Oh. And I am going to continue pushing for NEStalgia to be reviewed someday and I’m never letting up on it. The coming updates for it look to be fantastic.

  6. Having to level up a new character when you get them sounds ALOT like Atlantica Online. Though admittedly, seems much less annoying in this game.

    CoH, I downloaded this one right after you made your poll. I played it for a few days, without going into specifics, Ill just say that I couldnt get into it. Ill go into more detail when you post the video in 2 weeks.

  7. “You’re in Fantasy land and it’s important that you play tennis now.” “K.”

    Very well quoted Andy, very well quoted.

    I’m sure City of Heroes is a great game, but I got bored of it real quickly. However, I do like the amount of options to create a character (no matter how limited toward non-payers it is).

  8. Wow! I’m looking forward to the City of Heroes review, since I skipped out of that one, despite it being the most intriguing MMO that was out at its time (to me, at least). I’m playing DCU:O now, and it’s pretty fun, but I never bothered to pick up City of Heroes, even after it went free-to-play.

    Love the reviews, Jon. Looking forward to the next one! And don’t worry about sounding robotic/stiff/whatever, the jokes are good when you do them, and you’re giving information about a game, as well as your opinions in a professional manner (mostly), so your presentation fits perfectly.

  9. Fuck Fantasy Tennis, review Elsword, man. Good job with your reviews

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