I’m a little late… a smidge.

Yes, sorry I was not able to deliver on my promise of getting the next episode done by the time I got back from MAG. I was hella stupid worn out. So much so I’m still using phrases like “Hella Stupid”. Then I got sick. Despite my absolute best efforts not to, I was it hard about two days after the con. Everything’s fucking wonderful.


I think I will probably get the episode done within the next two days. So far everything is complete as far as footage, scripting and supplementary materials gathered, but I still have yet to film and record it, so it should not take much longer. Now here’s the question. Do I release every two weeks from there? Do I wait until the weeks it’s supposed to release, leaving an entire month between new episodes, or do I rush out another one for the next week? I’m shooting for option A.

If you miss me that much, I did manage to film two crossovers at the convention. One of them is still waiting on a off-screen line script and recording, but here’s the other one before Julien (Sad Panda) puts it up on the main site:



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  1. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Don’t kill yourself over a schedule that got derailed by something outside of your control. Also, the video is pretty funny, although not quite as good as La Horde. It was a bizarre mix between a Phelous review and a Forget About It.

  2. I vote for option A. Just stick to the every other week schedule.

  3. Sorry you got sick! Don’t worry, we all believe in you. Probably.

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