Project Powder (Episode 21)

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  1. It’s shut down.

  2. I found the community section hilarious somehow. The briefness seemed to have a weirdly effective emphasis on it.

    The concept of reviewing a MMO that may be on its final legs seems appealing for me subject wise. It’s really nice having actual records on what a game was like when it still existed after it dies. The shortness of the episode seemed fine and at least for me was as enjoyable as most of your episodes… And again it’s appreciated when games of different genres are covered.

  3. I tried to play this game on my livestream. It’s “anti-hacking’ software saw the X-Split broadcaster as a hacking device, and refused to even open. When I asked them about it, it was met with run-arounds of “Oh, well, umm, What’s it doing? Oh, yeah, umm, tell us again?”

    *sigh* Fun game for a few days tho.

  4. Was that ringtone from “Portal 2” ? Nice.. xD

  5. I didn’t even notice this was posted. Gotta get used to you posting more often.

    Reminds me of the old Tony Hawk games.

    “What IS this soundtrack?”
    Well, it’s not synthpop, but it does sound like Midi type music, so it could be some genre of Chiptune trance.

    It looks like a soothing way to pass a few boring hours & it’s hot outside, so I think I’ll try it. I’m also trying Sword Girls this week.

    So it’s basically reverted into a short singleplayer game with multiplayer access.

    I’m a collector, a digital hoarder. If the stuff I could buy expires, then it’s a deal breaker for me buying anything. ::Jabs Maplestory with a stick::

  6. So, MMO Grinder, what made you decide to review a dying game?. I mean, I liked the review(as always), but it was just a little weird to me.

    Say, can you review another dying game, Gunz: The Duel?.
    I stopped playing that game because after years since I started playing, the devs never updated it in a meaningful way and it had a strong P2W to it.

    • I didn’t review the game because it was dying, I found out it was dying when I reviewed it. It was suggested to me ages ago, and MegaGWolf wanted to check it out with me. Then we got to find out the hard way. I still had an easier time finding a room in this game than I did in Fantasy Tennis. Finally, I wanted to play a simple game with the time restraint I had. Since I’m limited on time again, the same thing will happen next week as well.

  7. I kind of liked the music used for the end credits, lol..

    I do remember loving SSX back in the days of PS1, but I don’t know I I would still find the idea/tricks as fun now a days though.

    Still, it does seem like without a large player base it would be one of those games you just play for a week or two before never touching again.

    • I usually pick the music I like the best for the credits, and “R.O.D.” as the tracklist called it, was probably one of the best songs, even though it does get repetitive and degenerate a bit. (It starts to get weird as I end the credits.)

      But 9 times out of 10 I was hearing the song I used for “Music/Sound” and the one I used for gameplay, neither of which are among my favs, and I didn’t include the weird “police scanner” song or the techno remix of “The First Noel.” another couple songs I seem to draw most of the time.

      It’s a pity considering that the game is pretty fun. A good soundtrack and an active developer could make this all the better.

  8. I remember being invited into the closed beta for Project Powder back when I played Secret of the Solstice. I seem to recall the GMs enthusiastically promoting it in the forums, although why they thought players of a Ragnarok Online rip-off would want to play a snowboarding game is beyond me.

    To be honest, I’m probably not going to play ProPow anytime soon, especially with the lack of potential new content or a big community. Besides, I’m still bitter with Outspark for closing SoS.

  9. Wow, way to dig into nostalgia for me. I played this way back and remembered that I definitely liked it. Still, it IS casual and easy to pick up.

    What bugs me the most is that this game is abandoned. Such a shame. If it could just become more versatile in tracks it would’ve been great, but sadly it’s not the case. I hate seeing games go to waste. Same goes for Freejack, but that’s my opinion of the state of that game.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

  10. Oooh…a review with JewWario? This should be good.

    This game seems…well, pretty meh. There’s only so much ‘slide down a mountain at breakneck speeds performing tricks’ one person can take before it becomes…well, a one trick pony. Add to that the insanely money-grubbing cash-shop, and the obvious P2W aspect, and I’m not reallu surprised it’s been abandoned. Although that does make me wonder where all this money is going exactly…

    Still, great review, and I look forward to the next one.

    • Even though I cut it short, the Pay-to-Win aspect isn’t entirely detrimental… especially if you’re just playing alongside friends. I think a really bad Pay-to-Win aspect is when a game’s progression is completely barred or unpleasant unless you buy the +12 Sword of Reasonable Functionality from the Cash Shop, so you can actually do damage to the enemies you’re supposed to kill. (A problem I was told became apparent, and then alleviated in Allods Online.) That or a game like World of Tanks, if the best upgrades in the game lied in the Cash Shop as opposed to being earned with in-game credits and experience. It’s annoying in ProPow, but it doesn’t REALLY make the game unplayable.

      As for where the cash is going… probably Fiesta, Outspark’s reigning flagship MMO. After all, it’s all “Sparkcash”, as regardless of what game you spend it on, it’s going to the publisher.

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