JewWario and ChaosD1 in YCPT Grinder: Sword Girls

This is a review that Justin and I have been tossing back and forth for a while now. Originally I planned on doing this game for my first episode of “Browser Based” but my regular show kept getting in the way, and Justin spent most of his time playing this. So with a bit of note exchanging, and back and forth script-writing (mostly Justin), and a bit of technological pain trying to find a good way to record footage, the result lay before you.


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  1. game just shut

  2. I have recently gotten into the game though I have not really payed attention to some of the questionable attire of the girl’s.I am a girl myself however it does not bother me that much so I barley notice it really fun game if you have the patience for it.Like it takes a while to get everything down and get a good deck I like mixing factions together depending on what effects they have.

  3. All I get from “sword girls” is “dick girls”….Yah, that’s a bad thing, isn’t it?.

  4. So one of your viewers on Blistered Thumbs brought this TCG up yesterday: It’s pretty fun.

  5. I want that shirt, with the redhead on it.

    I was honestly hoping he’s eat some raw macaroni to drive that joke further.

    I think I’ll try it. It could have prettyboysboys, dragons, screencaps from Married with Children, or pictures of Mike J’s sock puppet committing grizzly murders, whatever.

  6. Achievement Unlocked: Why don’t you have a seat? (Or are all the characters of age, and it’s just creepy as hell?)

    Interesting blending of styles here. Does you ripping out the cord mean there won’t be a next crossover between you two? Or just that you were tired of your catchphrases being hijacked? (Yes, I know it was all an act, but I’m still curious.)

    • Justin wrote it, so I don’t know the true context. I’m going to go with “tired of him stealing my catchphrases”. I don’t know exactly what else we could work on together though, but I don’t think the possibility is out.

  7. It seems fun, but it also seems like a game you would constantly be looking over your shoulder and minimizing to desktop if you lived with somebody else because of the little girls in underwear art and the like, lol..

    If nothing else though, it does sound like a decent little time sink here and there though, lol.

    • I wanted to make a comment on the… loli-ness of some of the cards. (I play Crux, which is pretty much all about the busty girls.) Morning Sita was one of the ones I’d swear would get most people a visit from Chris Hansen. Still besides Sita, not many of the younger looking characters get… over-exposed. Justin and I did find a “God Card” of the Crux’s Holy Beast Sigma, that shows partial areola. (BROKEN LINK TO IMAGE REMOVED SINCE SWORD GIRLS WAS SHUT DOWN AND THAT SITE REDIRECTS TO A MATTRESS AT WALMART. I DON’T GET IT EITHER.)

      So yeah, the game can be pervy as hell. I just couldn’t find a good place to mention that without sounding pervy as hell myself. (Although I am pervy as hell.)

      • Ah yes, Plastered Sigma. I noticed that myself when I was browsing through the new cards that were released.

  8. I enjoyed this review for its humour, there’s one thing you guys missed though.

    In dungeons, you get to fight NPCs but sometimes other players. This is very rare however, but if it happens, don’t be surprised.

    What I kind of hate about this game and how it will be bitten back is that you need time to actually get your deck together. Nevermind that I’m impatient, but that it could easily scare away more players. Because you need time to get what you need, and thus you will usually lose at PvP. It’s definitely a good idea to bring in friends, but if you don’t have many, don’t bother unless you’re really pining for a CCG.

    Myself? I don’t think I want to return. I need patience and dedication, and the latter is even worse off than the former. I just don’t have that, I tend to want to experience more games, even if that means I will never finish them.

    Anyway, good review there. And JDub, stop copying chaos’s style, it just doesn’t work for you :D

    • Justin has played the game WAAAAAY more than me, like to the point he’s collected the god cards from all the easy dungeons, and we’ve never come across a player in a dungeon, so that must be extremely rare. I will say I was wondering why I’d get “Searching for opponent” in dungeons though, but I figured they didn’t bother to change the loading card.

      I HAVE encountered the exact opposite, where playing “Fight” or PvP mode would occasionally time out, and I’d go up against a computer opponent instead.

  9. Ohdang, J-dub, you are packing the cards ( I am incredibly lazy to grind for all dem cards, and jealous of your Morning card). I do enjoy Sword Girls, and it is a good substitute for me since I am also very much enjoy the CCG/TCG scene (avid pokemon tcg player in high school and enjoys the YGO video games)

  10. Looks fun and the review was awesome. I do hope you get that beer from j-dub before you kill him though :)

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