Mechwarrior Online (Episode 35)

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  1. any know abaut a technical specifications?

  2. Nice review. Now I somehow want to search for my Earthsiege 2 CD.

  3. You call it greed, I call it paying for the time and effort that goes into coding the game you play. You aren’t a special snowflake and they didn’t make that game just for you out of the goodness of their hearts. They made it in hopes of having a hit on their hands and making a name for themselves.

  4. I watched this the other day but couldn’t comment: I would have paid you a million imaginary nondollars if you had made the song playing through the credits your ” personal gaming song”. It would have been perfect.

    DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DA DA! DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DU DUH! For the whole couple of minutes.

  5. World of Tanks sounded more fun, but since this is still in early beta, you’ll probably do a revisit episode next year.

  6. I know what I’m about to ask you as nothing to do with the current episode but I was wondering if you still had any free trial keys for ”the secret world” mmo.

  7. I’ve been a fan of your show for a while even dropping news on here and I’m just curious seeing your doing a mech game but will you be doing Hawken soon because Angry Joe doesn’t make the best wingman but I love the guy as a reviewer

    • Also a question and one last comment, have ever played the Armored Core series and I would love to play 90% of the games you play but thanks to the NHL lockout the Pepsi Center her in Denver and me have different ideas what my hours should be :'(

  8. Bluten from MWO Forums here(Long time MW fan, very experienced MWO pilot, Legendary Founder), I just wanted to state a few things for readers.

    Regarding economy, RnR(Repair and Rearm) was actually taken out of the game on Dec 18th patch. You mention it in your video but it no longer exists. They pulled it out and greatly changed the economy, which was all good. Most players will actually make more money than before.

    Regarding Trial Mechs, many of us have tried to get Piranha to put Trials in their own, MM specific, games, but they went with Cadet Boosting instead. I guess they don’t want to force longer queue times on finding matches, although the wait would have been worth it. Maybe they will do that some day, but they aren’t right now. Trials do indeed suck, but at least you can get out of them much faster now between the economy improvements and Cadet Bonus. Fyi if you’re not a new player, you still get that bonus. They will credit you for previous matches played and have the bonus going for the remainder, or just credit you for all 25 Cadet matches if you previously did 25+ before the patch that added it.(The total bounty will be around 7-10M when earned or roughly 8M if credited)

    Regarding the music volume bar, they do indeed plan to add real music at some point. But I myself just listen to some Blutengel or boot up an MW2 OST.

    Regarding Betty(female announcer voice), I muted her the day they added her and never turned her back on again. Too annoying.

    This game still needs a lot of work and especially heavy balance changes but I will be waiting it out, as a long time MW fan this is probably as good as it’ll ever get.(Just like star Wars fans are stuck with that crappy MMO) If anyone wants to message me on MWO for other questions or team ups –

  9. A few months or so ago I tried this on a friend’s account, picked out one of the premades that fit my style of play, and with MW3 being my only previous experience, I got quite a number of kills in a few random battles, and not for my skill or communication, but rather because of a few tricks I remembered from older MW games, such as light mech + circle straffing around assault mechs while they try in vain to pivot to see you, or sneaking up on the artillery that no one bothers to defend.

  10. I wonder if they’ll put any of the Unseen into the game?

  11. Ok, first off I its cool to see MWO get the review. But, you are absolutly correct in saying that you caught this one a bit early. there are game changing patches slated to come out next month, adding things like the phase 3 matchmaking (IE newbies only being grouped with newbies), and a better new user experiance. so yeah, a bit early. here is where the develpoers outline plans for the future and other communications

    But now my main point: I feel you are vastly misrepresenting trial mechs. they are identical stat wise to a purchased mechs. they dont get damage penalties, or armor penalties or anything of that sort. the problem lies with 2 things: the player and the mechs heat. in order to effectivly utilize a trial mech you need to be GOOD at the game. this is the biggest problem with trial mechs. you are placing a hot as hell, difficult to use mech in the hands of someone who has no idea what they are doing (i say difficult to use because you have to change your play style to fit the mech rather than modify the mech to fit your play style). the lack of a training mode sure as hell isnt helping either. you can give a newplayer a brand new shinly gausscat, or streakcat and they will still get torn apart by veteran players.

    also, the “Hero mechs” are not different from standard mechs. heroes come with a CBILL booster (soft currency), a unique paint scheme, and a slightly modified hardpoint layout. thats it. not exactly gold ammo

  12. I have been waiting for a good looking giant robot online game. Looks like a lot of fun.

  13. Good GOD, I miss the old Battletech: Solaris online game before EA ruined it…

  14. One correction:
    Round crosshair – arm weapons
    Normal crosshair – torso weapons
    Arms can move more freely than the torso, especially sideways (except some mech without lower arm actuator).

    • I just got a similar comment on BT. It was my confusion as I didn’t play as a mech that didn’t have arms, and most mechs with arms usually default their ballistics and energy weapons to their arms, while locking missiles to the torso. Same principle, different reason, I suppose.

      • Yes you forgot to discuss the dual cross hairs. This is the first MW game to properly reflect the different aspects of arm vs torso weapons. Arms move faster on most Mechs(Although Lights might have it the other way around due to very fast torso’s) and can aim vertically much more freely. RT/LT/CT/HT weapons tend to be slower and more restricted. This is why there are 2 cross hairs. They each have their own and you need to know this. Many newb pilots waste torso cross hair shots that are way off target because they had their arm cross hairs “on” target and fired both.

  15. I remember playing MechAssault on the Xbox. That mission near the end where you have to drive one of those tiny mechs through a ashen, volcanic field filled with othr tiny and giant mechs was such a pain in the ass..I wonder why they never turned that into a franchise..It was a really good game.

    OT: I saw gameplay footage of the private-beta and I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to run this game, and seeing it now in open beta really hurts :/
    This is the sort of game I like, EVE aside. Requires strategy and some actual thinking to win the battle. Also, I FUCKING LOVE MECHS.

    ..And that all I gotta say.

    PS: Loving your facial hair – No homo.

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