Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 35, 36, and 37)

Alone we walk the path of “meh”. Our minds too weary to get excited over anything anymore. This block carrying me over from 2012 to 2013 held little that I was overtly fond of, but each was a vastly different title with their own merits. Time to jog my memory.

Episode 35: Mechwarrior Online
Did the fans of this game burn it down yet? I was starting to hear things.
So take the tank combat of World of Tanks, put it on feet, and make the starting mechs completely worthless, add copious amounts of paid content and you have MWO. The game seems like it polarized a lot of people, and some will swear by this game, but it was one of the worst new player experiences I’ve had. I couldn’t get into it or enjoy it.
Recommended?: Unless you’re really into the idea, NO.

Episode 36: Dungeons and Dragons Online
There are a lot of people who really really like this game. I am not one of them. I’m not saying I hate it, but there was nothing about the game that sold me on it, and any game that has such a dedicated fanbase for something that’s filled with old mechanics is.. well it’s City of Heroes all over again. Graphics were very poorly aged. The combat felt clunky with a very counter-intuitive movement system that at least half the fanbase claimed “didn’t matter” (so why include it?!), and questing was… while the most interesting aspect, didn’t keep my attention well. I can still see the charm for D&D fans… but I am not a D&D fan. I will not let that hamper my recommendation, though, as I can tell it’s got the appeal for those that like it.
Recommended?: Tentatively, YES.

Episode 37: Path of Exile
I’m not a fan of Diablo, the Diablo clone, or the gameplay style of Diablo, but I can definitely see the appeal of Path of Exile. Gritty, and very atmospheric world, when Diablo fans felt that the series was too colorful for them. The amount of creation is stunning, the world is bleak and violent, and there’s a lot to do for those who really like that style of gameplay. I was able to get into it pretty easily, but the genre isn’t something I go out of my way to play, either. I guess I’m in the same boat I am with Marvel Heroes on this title. It’s a great game for the fans, I can enjoy it while I’m playing, but I’m not likely going to go out of my way to WANT to play it. Personal genre non-preference aside, it’s a great game.
Fun fact: My template for MMO Grinder was created when the Path of Exile episode came out, so my “PLAY, PAY, PASS” cards all default to what I said about Path of Exile until I change the text.
Recommended? YES.


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  1. Next will be hell yea have a friend who’s a super path fan

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