Age of Conan (Episode 40)

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  1. I’m actually disappointed. Especially after I had mentioned the update to this thing on the suggested MMO list. People were nagging me to take a look at this thing is if they did some kind of major changes and improvements before the free-to-play/Steam release. Nope. I guess there’s really no reason to not pick Secret World over this unless you either really like Conan’s mythos, or really hate a modern-day setting.

    And after the Scarlet Blade snidequest? Suddenly, the topless women of AoC aren’t so shocking. At least theirs aren’t twice as big as their heads. No, what really roused my ire was watching a ranged character who has to stand perfectly still pew-pewing with a bow. Blegh.

  2. So I did a little reading & it’s suggested that Necromancer & Tempest of Set were far better for soloing than Barbarian or Guardian.

    Odd thing is how wonky the graphics look on my computer; black pixels all over the character creation screen. Water looks like mosquito netting or door screen material. I’ve tried DX9, DX10, turning everything on low, turning off anti aliasing, & disabling shadows, water reflection, & wind. It doesn’t effect it at all.

  3. A few things to note, yes you can buy the expansion in the cash shop but without subscribing it will not be enough to access the max level areas of Khitai (that you need both for). What you get is access to the Khitan race and the gateway to Khitai playfield which is a level 20-40 area, I also want to say you cannot use the Alternate Advancement system without it.

    The shield system isn’t all that interesting, at it’s best it gets DPSers to move around the enemy to get at his unshielded back with their combos. Most of the time it doesn’t matter all that much but you can squeeze some extra effectiveness out of your attacks if you manipulate it well. Note that directional shields only affect physical classes, all spell damage is always directionless so go for a Necromancer or Demonologist if you want a more basic MMO experience. In fact you can go for a Priest of Mitra or Tempest of Set as well because you’ll be just as active at dealing damage and debuffing the enemy as you will be healing due to the healing being mostly centered around AoE HoTs with some added variety in the choices the classes have for their AAs.

    In fact there is a lot more could say so anyone who decides to try the game and is playing in europe can come to the Crom server to ask me pretty much anything aside for high-end raid tactics.

    Am mostly available under the nick Ecksinija

  4. I really like that shield allocation idea. I’d like to see that stolen and used again somewhere.

  5. Like with a lot of people who have already responded, I’ve tried to play AoC twice now, but have never gotten past level 15, or so. The jumping mechanic reminded me of Fallen Earth and how frustrating the platforming in that game was. In both AoC and FE, there seemed to be a bit of a delay in jumping leading me to accidentally fall off of rooftops in FE and into lava in AoC. The game world seemed very small and grindy and I never wound up getting off of the first island. I also felt a bit under powered and/or overwhelmed by enemies most of the time, so that quests wound up taking forever to complete due to me sneaking around trying not to die.

  6. Are you ever going to do s4 league? I’d really like your opinion on it.

  7. I tried this game quite a while ago, but aside from the personal story quests, it got boring rather quickly. The community was probably the best in any MMO I’ve tried so far, with very friendly players.

    When I played, the free player inventory was half of its normal capacity, so it became a chore to play. Is this still in the game?

    Also how far have you gotten into the game? Did you leave the first island? I ask this because when I decided to quit (due to inventory space), I looked around quite a few forums and discovered that the voice acting and singleplayer quests pretty much disappeared after the first island, around level 20. There still were singleplayer quests, but you had to grind 5-10 levels to get to each one. I didn’t play that far so I can’t verify this, but it is possible that this quality drop contributed to this game’s initial rise and fall in player population.

    From what I heard of The Secret World, the story in that game is much more present than in AoC, so I guess Funcom learned from at least one mistake. Having never played TSW, I don’t know why it has its troubles.

    • TSW suffers from an identity crisis basically and boring, extremely repetitive combat. TSW is billed as horror/mystery game by FunCom, but what you play is the furthest thing from. Though the investigations are quite engaging,w hen you get to them, the constant 1 button combat scheme mixed in with laughable stealth mechanics for stealth missions (you literally just walk around staying out of the magic aggro bubble in stealth missions regardless if NPCs can literally see you or not) the mood gets killed very fast.

      TSW has a very deep and engaging story. On that premise alone BioWare should have taken notes, but a lot of the rest of the game is lacking, IMO.

  8. This game made me miss “stand & hack.” I also hate how when you attack an enemy, he calls his buddies to gang up on you; makes it damn hard to grind solo.

    I really did enjoy what little I played, even if I didn’t make it past level 18 or 28. Maybe I’ll go back & do a little more grinding. I think I only saw 1 topless person. Could have been because I was on a PVE server at 3am.

    ::Actually watches end of credits:: Oh man, there’s no way I could play that without getting an eyestrain induced headache.

  9. I tried this game long ago, and I tried it again probably a year and a half ago just to be sure. Over all there is something about the game that just doesn’t appeal to me, besides it being over all boring. The topless nudity didn’t bother me, and got a chuckle out of boys being boys about it, and I decided to do it for giggles just to see how many people would accuse me of being a guy (funnily no one seemed to care, so oh well).

    Over all the game was just boring to me and I don’t think it could have kept my interest. The attempt at a different combat system was an attempt at forced innovation, honestly, and forced innovation is just one of those things that are doomed to fail. Innovation should be something you need, not something you just do otherwise you just drive people away.

    In short, game didn’t interest me. It was a DOA game because again they labeled themselves as a WoW killer, a huge mistake, and just tried to hard to be innovative without a reason to be and instead brought nothing new to the table, and actually quite a bit less. I think FunCom was banking more on people buying the game because of naked boobies.

  10. This is something I always considered trying just for the sake of trying but never got around to trying and never felt the tremendous urge to try.

    After the bit at the end it seems pretty certain what the next episode will be so now it’s just a matter of wondering what his next side quest and backtrack will be.

  11. this is one of thoses games that i actually like in concept, but actually hate to play…once u got past level 10 then ur bored shitless

    • Yes, I found that the quests started becoming more scarce at that point, or just plain impossible to do soloing unless you were at least 5 levels higher.

  12. Ahh, short and sweet. I like it.
    I am a casual fan of the Conan series, but can’t say this game looked to interesting to me. :/ Love dark and gritty as much as the next guy, but not if it’s the only feature the game really has going for it.
    Sorry Funcom, at least we’ll always have The Secret World.

    P.S. I think the next review is Hawken. o.o Not sure, I just have a feeling.

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