Dragon’s Prophet (Episode 49)

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  1. This game is shutting down in November.

  2. *first comment ever*

    I about died watching the last 30 seconds of this review.

    This is the 5th or 6th review I’ve watched… today. I just found the site and I’m really enjoying it.

    I was one of the lucky ones who tried the game out in early Beta and saw the fall-from-mountains-after-guy-got-facepunched thing.

  3. I don’t know which was funnier…The eyes in the character creator or that you named it “daisy horn-boobs” or “Hulk Peacock Face.”

    Never had an MMO repeatedly crash & quit to desktop on me…That just seems to happen with anything that has “Elder Scrolls” in the title.

    It doesn’t seem so bad….Maybe I’ll try it for a week, before RIFT 3.0 comes out & or ESO leaves beta. Always wanted to fly in an MMO & I can really only think of one other that lets you.

  4. Oh god. Those fish eyes on that one female on the char creator. And Seizure Squirrel. Game’s still just a bit rough around the edges, huh?
    This still looks like a throw-together MMO meant to grab some quick cash. Like it’s not much changed at all from the streams/Sidequest and Angry Joe’s quickplay. Can’t “meh” enough, especially with what kind of potential something like this COULD have.

  5. Called it! :D

  6. Their removal of the first tutorial did leave me very confused when NPCs I had never seen before would show up and carry on like I should know who they are. I suppose it’s what it would be like to lose your memory but they could at least introduce themselves or catch me up on what I have forgotten.

    I think one reason the world seems to be devoid of other players is because we’re spread out across six to eight instances of the world. If they got rid of channels then I imagine it would be more crowded. It was a pleasant surprise running into you the other day.

  7. Gee, sounds like someone mixed up the names of the stats when they were developing the game. Focus and Ferocity should be name-switched, as should Charisma and Dragon Affinity.

  8. I gave it a second chance from the mess that was the beta, but it was much of the same for me.

    At least I left saying I just didn’t like it much instead of from falling into the earth itself and dieing, jumping into the sky and dieing, clipping into inaccessible areas outside of the world and living until I got kicked out of the server screen, and horrible frame rates.

    But it just wasn’t all that fun even if it does a lot of stuff right/different. Maybe if I wasn’t using a dragon from a code in a stream SoE did with Destructoid that was 20 times stronger then me and could murder most anything it saw, but I did try other characters and felt the same.

    I seriously hope that they don’t go into selling dragons like it in the item mall for the games sake though..

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