Heva Clonia (Episode 52)

Oh, those community forums? They’ve been linked on the sidebar for about a month now.

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  1. Well, I WAS going to ask you to consider doing a Backtrack on this, but…I just found out It’s been shut down.

  2. It must be a testament to the entertaining-ness of this show when after watching about a minute of gameplay footage from the start of the video, I think “yeah, there’s no way in hell I’m ever going to play this game”, yet I still watch the episode all the way to the end, not skipping anything, even after you outright tell the audience this game is a grindfest with staggeringly low variety in enemies and environments.

  3. You should seriously put a link to your forum in the top bar. That’s where most would expect to see it.

    • I actually cannot. Only in-site pages can be linked up there.

      • I don’t know how much you can do with your site but maybe you could setup a redirection inside a page in your site. Like you could put a link to /forum that redirect to your forum site.

        • Can’t edit the base html of anything without paying the hosting cost of the site, which skyrockets the annual price. The most I could do would be to create a page containing the links in the sidebar, but two clicks to get to something that’s available on the front page seems silly, even if no one is expecting to see it there.

  4. Merry Christmas John, thank you for all your work and for all your opinions…I still like Terra tho. LOL Happy Holidays.

  5. I’m rather enjoying the upbeat Maplestoryish music.

    The landscape just screams N64, but without the super low res textures.

    I like the idea of the pet cloning, but having vague instructions on how to complete quests & all that grinding….But it is still in beta…..I think I’ll try it after you revisit it in a backtrack in a year or two.

    Grumpy Bacon. XD

    Have a merry christmas, Jon ^_~

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