Aura Kingdom (Episode 53)

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  1. I think its time for a relook at this game, or maybe later this year, the held off classes were added, but, not sure what else is entirely new or finally added. My gf and I are playing this and we’re already level 45 together, but yes it is getting a bit tougher to level up from the start. We only hit one grind wall at level 44 since there were no more quests in the area we were in and had to keep doing dungeons or kill enemies to get to 45 to move on. But it didn’t take that long, considering we also had breaks in between. We’re definitely enjoying this game more than we did prior with Eden Eternal.

  2. I’ll put this in my queue & see what they can add in half a year.

  3. Honestly I wanted to play this game, but I ran into non-stop problems when trying to log in. The entire thing was a big headache and I’ve still not been able to play yet. Either it gets stuck at the “Authorizing” stage or it simply won’t let me finish in creating a character.
    A shame too because the game looks like a fun mmo.

  4. as a side note it seams that x-legend also made Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga.

  5. I can’t wait to play this one. Sounds interesting for a dark theme and the anime like design is not that bad. Downloading it as we speak and willing to join the guild for the future of this game :D

  6. Oh my god! An MMO that’s not steeped in soul-draining complexity and mired in meta-game min/maxing? I have to try this, even if I don’t like the Fantasy thematic. I prefer an anime tone, myself, but the “I’m in a forest!” setting just doesn’t do it for me normally.

    So… Is that Spyro the Dragon as your Eidolon? :)

  7. I can’t seem to find the guild, I looked on Crimera or whatever the server is.

    • It’s listed as an invite only guild. Message “SonicRose” or “Ciann” if you catch us on and we can send over an invite. (God, I wish all the games made this as simple as it is in Dragon’s Prophet)

      • Hmm, can’t seem to catch either on. Is there a who list in this game so you can tell if a person is even on? Or is just constantly blind messaging them and hoping they’re online the only way?

  8. Well that seems interesting. I’m already playing so many MMOs, but I may give this one a try anyway, since I’m a big anime fan.

    However Jon, you did a really good job with the obnoxious, annoying parody of the stereotypical anime fan with those ‘super kawaii!’ lines. Too good a job. Never do that again please. :)

  9. I know I gave it some crap in the last episode, when it was hinted, but honestly the game isn’t that “terrible” or anything.

    Like John said, it’s nothing you need to devote yourself to, and everything is soloable almost.

    Is it bad? Not at all.
    Is it good? Well……it might keep you occupied for a while…?

    Guess it’s going to appeal to different people, but the novelty and “SUPA LEVELRU!” didn’t help when I was level 20 something after a couple hours…and I was staring at a pink unicorn that was talking to me…while people where doing anime dances…

  10. What, cannons have cooldowns?! Can there not be a single game that does not break my immersion? Next you’ll be telling me that the Ak’ab are lurking in Aura Kingdom!

    All joking aside, great episode, really enjoyed the super satanic kawaii backwards desu; because we all know that a still beating heart is totally doki doki kawaii desu material. Will be looking forward to the next episode.

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