Loadout (Episode 54)

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  1. Anti-tank Pitchfork

    7h4nx 4 Ep bro))
    Actually, I was surprised by this title and wish more games used that kind of crafting system. It was made with parody and satire in mind, although not everyone will appreciate it.

  2. I’m honestly glad this was made and exists. One of the problems we have in other games is the annoying kids and immature whiners or ragers. This is a game that will vacuum up that unwanted crowd from other games that the rest of us will be playing. It’ll be a lot like Scarlet Blade, attracting all the unwanted perverts away from games you’d rather be playing. They are on our games because they have to be playing something. Now they can play things like this instead of others.

  3. I presume the people who love Death Snatch think this is just a normal Deathmatch mode or something <_<

    This is definitely not my kind of game. The attitude alone is unbearable for me. How they thought it's a good idea to bury an interesting gameplay idea under lots and lots of pandering to the most obnoxious, immature audience I will never understand.

    • Probably because the obnoxious, immature audience also happens to have a lot of time to play the game, and on occasion spend money without thinking twice. Good marketing, really.

      • But this audience is already everywhere. No need to pander to them.

        Besides, they could at least pretend like they want a more “classy” atmosphere. Trying to promote a healthy community will be a bit hard with a game like this.

  4. This feels like the most “not-my-type-game” you ever covered….. but this of course isn’t to say I disliked the episode, quite the contrary. It was informative (even if, again, this is totally not a game for me), and I always enjoy hearing about people yelling at others for doing things wrong while they themselves are wrong. Oh League of Legends… how much suffering you brought me (I played 2 matches and during the second one I lost my consciousness , smashing my head on the bathroom floor… yay!).

    But clearly the unquestionable best part of the video was the ending SideQuest bit. You used to do these after credits jokes a lot……………. and I obviously understand that not every game gives inspiration for such bits, but ehhh, we like them, so don’t shy away from them, hehe.

  5. Just finished watching your sidequest of TF2. It sucked and was uninformative. It was like you don’t even care that it’s the best game ever, or that it has some of the worlds most original gaming mechanics. AND HOW DARE YOU NOT MENTION THE HATS!!! Either improve your videos by getting better, or get off the internet!! I’m gonna go to Nambo’s site now, where the real quality is!! AND WHY IS MY RUM AND COKE GONE?!?!

    Oh, and that Loadout video was ok. Not my kind of game, but still a decent video. Kudos. =3

  6. *Listens to the opening of the video.*

    Oh please oh please do a silly TF2 April Fools video this year that’s like, a 2 minutes long tutorial on hat “progression”.

  7. OK, so now that we have a Sidequest for TF2, when’s the full episode coming?


  8. I try to get a match or several (when I’m not busy or get caught up in something else) in a night since this game came out and it’s a fun game; hopefully a constant drip of new content will avoid a burn out effect.

  9. Hmm, how do I say… In certain games, the chat window is much more ignorable than it is in other games. In a game like League, when someone says mean things to you, it’s pretty hard to ignore (unless you’ve pre-muted them). In a game like this though, the action is fast-paced and chaotic enough, with what looks like very little downtime, and there’s so much going on onscreen at any given time, that I get the feeling that even though I’d be getting exactly the same kind of insults I’d be getting in any other online game, in this game it would be much easier to not care or not even notice. Not meant as a knock against the game, but it seems like there’s very little strategy involved, and thus there’s very little useful advice your teammates could possibly give you, so you’d have little to no reason to want to see what they have to say.

    This game does look fun though, especially for the weapon customization. The over-the-top gore was kinda turning me off, so it’s nice to know it can be turned off.

    Watched that video on the Cliff Calvin effect. Even though what he’s talking about seems to be world MMOs, specifically raid bosses, most of what he’s saying can easily be applied to MOBAs as well. It was interesting, and offered some good advice. Thanks for sharing!

    Also, post-credits, oh my, has the snide come back? ^^

  10. Finally! A game where my guns do not have a cooldown… wait, over heating? Why, that’s just another name for needing… a cooldown! No!

    Joking aside, another great episode, got a good laugh after the credits as well.

    • Well, you can look at it as “Heatup” which would be the opposite of “Cooldown” … then again since heat is the opposite of cold and up the opposite of down we might have a double negation on our hands which starts getting really confusing, gah!
      And I agree, nice episode which delivers the content of two (or one and a half) in one.

  11. “Teabagging is a purchasable option.” Not surprised. I heard about this game through Vinesause Vinny.

    Guess I’ll watch that video on the Cliff Calvin Effect.

    I’ve seen videos where people explain what Pay To Win is, only for some little jackacass to come in & use his worst spelling to explain why the video is wrong & end it with ” u newb.” If you butt in & say that you’ve played the game for months without paying a dime, he’ll accuse you of “nut playgin t rite”

    Do “Rust” please ^.^

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