Sidequest: Strife

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The MOBA community being friendlier in this game? YEAH RIGHT! MOBA’s will always attract the worst of humanity, no matter what system is in place to prevent at. Good luck to Strife, but this game won’t get me to try MOBA’s. Unless there was a way to permanently punish the toxic players, I’m still keeping my restraining order.

  2. Well, if it isn’t effective enough, perhaps enough toxic votes should get their chat abilities disabled.

    • Now THERE’S a concept! Maybe some games have done it already, but if so I haven’t seen it. It sounds like a really great idea though! If you get reported for toxic behavior (specifically verbal abuse or offensive language) enough times, you get the chat function disabled in your game client. If you try to complain to the company about it, you just get a message saying something along the lines of “you have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you never use the chat function for anything positive. You only use it to insult other players and make the game experience worse for them. Because of this, you don’t get to use the chat anymore. Enjoy the game without it.”

      Of course this would probably lead to those people quitting the game, but hey, if your behavior was bad enough that you need to have your chat privileges taken away, you’re probably the type of person who would deserve to be banned from any other MOBA anyway, and the community would be better off without you.

      Then if those people decide to keep playing the game, at least all of the verbal abuse, insults, racial slurs, etc. would be kept on their side of the screen, where the rest of the players can’t hear it…

      And if anyone’s thinking of telling me “you know you can just mute people who are insulting you…” Yes, I can, but god damn it I shouldn’t HAVE to. I shouldn’t have to listen to even the one or two instances of verbal abuse I hear from a person before I mute them, and the community shouldn’t be so toxic that I have to consider pre-muting everyone before the match even begins.

      • I agree with Lai-Lai’s idea, too, and would also like to see it in other games like APB:Reloaded. If they did, I might actually jump back into the game, although people can still troll via team killing and loot ninjas. It also won’t stop them from streaming or posting Youtube videos about it, either, but that’s beyond the control of the game and the immediate situation(s) causing the “no-chat” banning.

    • *COUGH* Valve does exactly that with Dota 2, and puts them in a “punishment ranking” where they’re forced to play with other trolls for hours, to days, to YEARS. *COUGH *COUGH

      Something in my throat

  3. I don’t see myself playing another traditional MOBA (SMITE has me spoiled), but this seems like a decent effort, at least. I don’t think you can fix the MOBA standard community, but you can go a long way at least. Strife doesn’t sound like something I’d like to check out, but best of luck to it. It’s not Infinite Crisis, I’ll give it that.

  4. About Strife:
    I didn’t like it, probably because I stopped playing MOBA’s & really lost interesst in those kind of games, but I was really surprised that they actually gave me a key.
    I don’t think that it is ever possible to calm the toxic community as they say they could.
    It’s probably easier getting rid off all the hate comments that Total Biscuit gets & making the internet in general a nicer place than getting the hate out of the MOBA games.
    Also the system that they plan on with crafting better items is kinda going into the direction of pay2win.
    What I’m about to say has nothing to do with Strife:
    It all goes back to that Tera Review you did & this one guy spamming the site with his comments. I found out that this guy writes a lot of stuff on mmosite & he actually did a review of you’re site (back in September 2013):
    Yeah, I know its pretty old but I didn’t know if you knew about this or if you cared at all, thats why I never said anything about that until now…
    Also, wasn’t he the reason that comment approval is in place now…

    • I’m still just skimming through the article, but the dude seems like a bit of a nutbar. He’s seriously trying to defend harassment as “freedom of speech.” I’m not sure, but there might even be a case for libel or defamation of character. I’m not a lawyer, though.

    • If you read one of the comments on the bottom of the list: Guest: I love(website name I forgot), because you don’t have to log in to troll. Reply: Yeah I know, its great […]

      And apparently that person doesn’t like professionalism…because they are paid for their opinion…which, correct me if I’m wrong, is the exact opposite?

  5. Oh look another clone of League of Legends. We just got to have more of those. Couldn’t even be bothered to do the map differently such as north vs south or west vs east… nope, had to copy that same tired old SW vs NE formula. This is going to be another game that will never get beyond League or Dota2’s shadow, and its the game’s own fault for just wanting to be a clone.

  6. WoW! A MOBA I might actually be interested in playing :D ! Thanks, Jon, for the heads up on this game.

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