Sidequest: The Elder Scrolls Online

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  1. I like crossovers, oh yes P:

    How long have they been working on this game. Given my sense of time is complete shit, but I swear I saw an ad for it in a gaming magazine back in 2007.

    Hmmm……I give it 2 years max before it goes FTP.

    Is it just me, or are you getting way more comments on TGWTG then you were on Blistered Thumbs?

  2. I think the best part of this review was also having Nash and MegaGWolf give their insight into it. Having all three of you giving first impressions with a beta game after the usual dissection in the first part of the review was great, and helps zero in on a lot of the rough patches.

    • Yeah, that was definitely cool. No need for a convoluted and contrived “in-continuity” explanation for a crossover like so many other TGWTG videos seem to be unable to break away from, just “hey, this is what my friends had to say about it”.

      On that note, I’ve noticed that Angry Joe also seems to get into the Betas for a lot of the MMOs that you review (Dragon’s Prophet and Guild Wars 2 come to mind). Do you ever see him in game and party up with him?

  3. There are 2 kinds of dungeons, starting at level 12 there are group dungeons made for groups of 4 players that are an instance that belong only to them, currently the beta has 3 of them (1 for each faction and you can travel to the other 2 after you beat the one in your area)
    Also crafting, you can craft up to level 14 or 15 items at level 1, all you have to do it put more materials into it, click the plus next to the ingots in the crafting menu and it will raise the level (which is why items have ranges of items listed like 2-16 ingots)
    The collision problem has been a hot button issue since early beta and Zenimax has already made changes to this on the private test server (a beta that runs 24/7 with all the game content). You will collide with NPCs friendly or otherwise in addition to what they say will be improvements to sound and animations for combat to have an improved feel.
    There will be 1 more beta before launch with the newest build on it, I implore you, Nash, and MegaGWolf to give it another try just to experience the pinocle of the beta builds. I feel at least some of the concerns you 3 addressed will be much improved by the new build.

  4. Given the love of the Elder Scrolls series, I don’t know that anyone could have really created a game that would have been what everyone wanted.

    That said, SWTOR has often been criticized (though I currently enjoy it for) as a “massively single player” game. If any game should have gone this route, it’s probably the Elder Scrolls as the former games’ story mechanics and companion system would blend rather seamlessly with an Elder Scroll’s experience.

    I still want to give this game a look, but I’m going to wait until it’s either B2P or F2P. Releasing it as a full $60 title plus requiring a $15/month subscription really does feel like a bit of hubris given today’s MMO market, and I think people are going to respond accordingly, especially if they don’t enough to iron out a lot of problems mentioned before true launch.

  5. Daniel Haughton

    Dungeons and Dragons Online may be ugly as sin, but every instance is you and your party and no one else.

  6. I haven’t played this Game because I was an idiot, didn’t check my mails and saw the Beta Invite to late *sigh* (it takes me forever to download Games. The worst was trying out Tera I think, that had a trial free episode and when i was done with the download, that took for some reason longer when any over MMO I ever downloaded, I had only one day free left – which for some reason they didn’t wanted to give me., with not knowing how long this was taking and only 1-2 days left, yeah, didn’t seem worthwhile.)

    But a Guildmate of mine played it and he loved it.. till the bugs came out and he said that if the bugs would disappear, the Game would be awesome and he didn’t see it free to play any time soon and other Games did manage to keep it up.
    His only real example was WoW though, which well and every time he said it, he sounded like he was telling himself it to believe it himself.
    Yeah, I teased him endlessly, I am not sorry :)

    I won’t buy the Game, but I do find the reviews interesting and this is the first I ever heard about shared Dungeons. I.. never really experienced that. At least not in this way and this sounds just so disappointing. Dungeons are epic and trying to go through that with your Party is such a thrill. The feeling if you are in a new Dungeon and everybody has to give their best to just stay alive is so.. incredible.

    I find the Graphic looks good^^ I am really not a Graphic fiend, so as long as its not to buggy or glitchy and I am able to run it, I am happy.

    The rest seems to be pretty standart MMO Fair these days.
    I hope if they go free to play, it won’t be like The old Republic which I refuse to play even though I really like Star Wars.
    Otherwise I wish the Game and it’s Players good Luck^^

    (also, Factions Side annoyed me because even if I would have bought the Game, I would have never pre-ordered it. Limiting Player choice this way, even with Story line, is not my thing.)

  7. I agree with a lot of what Nash and Megawolf said. It took me so long to get through to level 6 in all 5 of the Beta weekends I played, that I never even experienced the convoluted mess of the crafting system. It wasn’t until about my fourth weekend where I was able to team with a friend from real life, that I learned I was crafting my armor wrong. I knew I could raise and lower the amounts of ingots I used, but the effect of that wasn’t immediately apparent. My friend pointed that by adding ingots I could raise level of my equipment. I had been running around in Level 1 crafted armor, when by adding the ingots, I could have been using Level 4! I still haven’t successfully refined or researched something, having been focused on going through the storyline.

    I’d love to see them close off the story instances to only a player and their team, too. And I was disappointed to see that most areas were just a series of islands with the goal of moving on to the next island. Can we even visit the previous areas? I haven’t been able to go back, anyway.

    I do like the quests and the NPC’s. In the Daggerfall storyline, I wound up betraying them by keeping a powerful relic around instead of destroying it. When we landed on the next island, everyone had biting retorts for me. I had been thinking of playing through it again, but then maybe all I would see different is the dialog with the crew still going on without me.

    Still wound up ordering the CE digital, which is something I do with many MMO’s now for the conveniences they offer. I’ll probably stick with the game for a while, but as mostly a solo player. I’m also not into PvP that much.

  8. I also participated in the beta weekend and I agree with literally everything ChaosD1 explained. It does look good but its not like amazing looking the textures are a little off in some places.I am not really a Elder scrolls fan but i am a fan of MMO’s and a an MMO it lacked alot of freedom .It felt like a game you really have to grind in and I don’t mind the challenge but I like to play games on my own time.I work and during the week I don’t have much time for gaming so on the weekend is when I rack my hours in.Paying $15 for me to play it 2-3 days a week is not happening especially for a game that although has alot of potential to be fun doesn’t seem that fun to me right now.if it turns to B2P then I am down and I am sure most of my friends will be to but right now with the generic game play that I played, I can’t commit.I hope they go the route of Guild wars 2 ,B2p, with an in game microtransactions that aren’t essential to progressing in the game.What I loved about that game is that there are so many methods of progressing wether it was simply following the main story or just go out exploring with a group I always had alot of fun.It honestly didn’t get boring to me until I hit 80 and all i was doing was WVW but they seem to constantly add free dlc so that was one game worth every cent.I will do like they recommended and wait a few months .With most reviewers saying the same thing I am sure it will be free to play by the end of the year or early next year.Hopefully they do something cool for the people who were subscribers and give them some rare exclusive item or something.

  9. I’m utterly astounded that games in 2014 still fail to grasp the concept of player-specific instances. I don’t “get” EQ and WoW, and their obsession of giant communal forests where people trip over each other constantly, but I can see the appeal. But in an Elder Scrolls game? In a setting traditionally built around single-player games? Good gods, creators. I know you want to make an MMO, but let people choose their level of “community.”

    This is the reason I don’t play MMOs almost at all any more. I’m sick and tired of people “helping” me and of feeling like I’m just a face in the crowd. I get it, it’s an MMO. I AM just a face in the crowd. So lie to me. Make me feel special. Yeah, it’s a false illusion, but that’s gaming for you.

    “Post-WoW MMO” is where new releases go to die, in my opinion.

  10. ONLY issue I have with this game is it being P2P…if it were B2P I would be there at launch and beta weekends…the way it is though? Is it actually set in stone by now? I’ve heard it being more expensive then WoW here in Germany which is stupid….better play more Eve then or wait for tons of other mmos that look promising.

    • Or even if they reduced the Monthly Fee down to something like $4.99 per month.
      That sounds a hell of a lot more appealing than $14.99, plus they would still be making money.
      Please please please just don’t go F2P with a Cash Store in which you are forced to buy items in order to be able to keep up with everyone else – that just ruins it for players that are not as well off.

      • Ya know, that stigma about F2P is more of the exception than the norm. Pay2Win is semi rare among MMO titles nowadays. Look at Aion, TERA, Guild Wars 2, or other F2P/B2P converts I’ve covered on this show to see “buying power” is rarely an issue, and this model is working unquestionably well for people. The biggest problem with Subscription Models is that you’re paying, whether or not you can actually play, and few people want to commit to that nowadays.

        • With rampant ADHD & so many games to choose from, it’s hard to stay with a game long enough to merit even a one month subscription.

      • If I was working, I would totally pay $5 a month. It’s better than paying nothing at all.

  11. I was highly curious about this game, but considering the opinion is just “meh” for many people, I am wondering how this game would fare. As an Elder Scrolls fan, I just really can’t see paying monthly for this game, when I could just play Skyrim. I do hope this game goes the Secret World route, because if this game went free to play, I can see this game sinking like a rock.

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