Browser-Based: Dino Storm

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  1. I wish it wasn’t open PvP, but I love the gimickiy concept. Perhaps I’ll play it for a week & accept death every 5 seconds as a fact,

  2. So THAT’S the game that keeps popping up in those “Let’s show you a bunch of F2P game footage with an ‘epic’ soundtrack in a silly attempt to make this look like the greatest sh*t evar!”-ads.

    Still not interested. Never really cared about Wild West.

  3. But can you play card games on the dinosaurs?

  4. I understand the appeal of open PvP, and the fact that you killed someone higher level than you is assuring. But I won’t play this either. I’ve played plenty of other mmos that I didn’t even know had PvP or PK in them. I despise that feature so much, I quit most games because higher level players would get bored and slaughter any newb in their path. If I want to play a game like this I’ll just go back to City of Steam.

  5. The premise DOES sound very interesting, but unfortunately I refuse to play any game with open PvP. Such a pity, because this looks rather interesting.

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