Sidequest: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

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  1. baloneyjustice

    I played this and it got repetitive very fast for me. I tried climbing the rank ladder but it just did not hold my attention at that point.. My biggest gripe with the game is endgame is really no where nearly as fun as the get hooked concept.

    Around max level you notice the usually castle feels very cheap, and uses traps to protect itself. Alot of these castles will also use sort of springboard trap that can be hard with most classes to get around. This is not the only potion sucking method. there is also lava wall traps that use the springboard to push you into this nearly inescapable box of death.. and then there is monster ruin that prevent you from killing all the monster by tripping a totem recall that completely will heal the monster.

    As pointed out in the video you do need to be able to validate your own castle… Its hard but knowing your own castle you can leave escape methods hidden in plain sight or just try to make a castle hard knowing some places are good places to force people to suck down a potion and do it yourself knowing what comes next. If that was the only way to make a good castle, then yes.. this still be a good game because everyone would be looking at everyone else’s castle looking for those little places they could stand and protect themselves from whatever to get though..

    The problem is is end game is totally gear dependant. Because the people that started playing before you have experienced everything you have before you.. they have all the gear they know works.. and do have a much easier time playing against all the new players that get dumped into the game. Because you do not know, you need to figure it out and climb the ladder not only without the knowledge of what work in this player developed game play… but you also have to do without the tools to make it easy to collect the tools need to make it an even fight against those end game players..

    The only thing you can possibly hope to buy to make it a fair right against these people is everything and all the materials you can afford till you made a defense you can’t get through.. thats not possible because those mats are made expensive… so you have to grind and feel like cannon fodder to players that been there much longer.. I guess this is protection of your player starter base in a sort of ways… the longer you play the more likely you will be considered the best player of this game by longevity..(which might be a about the best way possible to reward early adopters..) but I really don’t get why that should be giving anyone an advantage in a game… It just makes the game feel cheap then only rewards a few people for playing your game, and drives everyone else from playing..

    On top of all this the game hud still gets in the way when you’re in combat stopping all attacks and pressing whatever button you click on instead of the attack if you happen to click on them. (This happens all the time if your ranged damage dealer.) You can’t always buy endgame potions because the menu will auto grid to anything but where to potion buy button is. and getting materials to build up a endgame castle defence is the most frustrating thing in the world due to the nature of random drops.. It just at end game evolved into one of those games where sometimes you feel strong but usually you feel weaker than when you started because everyone at this point is so insanely strong, and cunning, and you have to play your butt off to beat those people.

    Now don’t get me wrong this game could actually be a lot of fun if it was not so serious for what feels like should be a much more casual game.. Plus I think there is a lot of games that take concept of collecting special parts and make it into your offense or defence vary good. Heartstone at its core is much like this, but for a lot of reason basically on the fact its not just the cards you have but how you use them, and what you pair them with in your deck.. and good old fashioned luck of the draw to save your ass.

    But then again your mileage may vary, I do have to admit that when you start playing it does seem like a good game.. and testing your wit and will in the game at the beginning when it starts teach you the rules is a great deal of fun.. You should give ‘the Might Quest for Epic loot,’ a whirl if only to see why it could of been fun… and it does represent a type of game I think if does not try to be e-sport competitive… is actually fun to participate in…. the only problem is, Its does not everyone a fair shake against everyone else they are participating against to really and fairly figure out who is the most witty, and best player of them all.

  2. I’m going to save this for my Casual Social Gaming Cycle of the year, for when I take a break from real games. This seems like a good segway for a cycle swap.

  3. I’m curious… Do you lose anything for having your own castle successfully raided? I’m not a fan of games which have the potential to negate and even reverse your progress, and losing my gold because a dude-bro stole it from my treasury is… Kind of bad.

    Secondly, do you HAVE to raid player castles? You mentioned earning stars, but I didn’t quite follow what they’re used for, and if there’s an alternative to using them.

    • You do lose resources for being raided – according to the amount of stars players receive while attacking a castle they steal up to 30%(I think) of the castle’s treasure. That I think is in the game’s tone of “I’m in your base killing your dudes” rivalry and in your face style. That is not to say that you can be bled dry easily – as Jon said if you your castle gets looted sufficiently it receives a “shield” for several hours that prevents you from losing treasure. During that time people can still attack you if they just want to loot monster drops.
      The only way for you to progress with your characters in this game is to raid castles. You can get resources from elsewhere – mines in your castle and rewards for your defenses winning, but to gain levels you need to go out. If you don’t fancy player castles, your only alternative is the NPC castles made by the developers which are generally easier and less rewarding.

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