The “1v1 Me Bro” SMITE Tournament: First Week Results

There was a decent turnout to last night’s Community SMITE Tournament, ridiculously titled “1v1 Me Bro!”. Here’s each match spectated by myself and RolloT.

If you don’t want to watch the matches, and just see the results, you can find them here:

We will be back next week, at 6pm-9pm Eastern Time, to continue the tournament. Yes, I am well aware it’s Easter.
Next week, matches will include myself, RolloT and HopeWithinChaos.


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  1. Less of this, more of the reviews please!

  2. Andersen Fagundes

    I just would like to know how does this toirnament work? Ehere can I get more info or aply?

  3. I have just gotten back into this game on saturday, and man is it a lot of fun, and this video is very fun as well.

    I actually play Nu wa, and seeing that second video was amazing. I knew she was fun, but seeing it there…

    Keep it up with the videos of this.

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