Digimon Masters (Episode 55)

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  1. I LOVE digimon, ever since i was a kid i always argued this to be better than pokemon for character devlopment and story but i have to ask, how the fuck can i find the DigiDesuMasters. It only lets me create but not find and i would love to talk and have fun with fellow digimon lovers

  2. Yeah in the series they through in subtle hints of stuff like that in digimon but never heard of pokemon being deemed immorally in the religious eye..but overall nice review and keep up the good work.

  3. As awesome as Pokemon & Digimon were as a kid, I got really alienated from those 2 things when I grew up.

  4. Yo…Gatorade me BITCH!

    Ha Ha, thanks for that

  5. That… Looks pretty bad, actually. Which is a shame, because “a modern city” seems like a nice break from the Fantasy stand-bys of “forest” and “desert.” Provided that’s not just the tutorial.

    This seems like it might have some merit to fans of Digimon, I’m not one of ’em. The only reason I know what Digimon actually is is JesuOtaku’s retrospective videos and… Well, furry porn. Seriously, there’s more of than than you’d think.

    • I was thinking the same. I very rarely play any games that contain pavement & asphalt.

      A pokemon MMO on the other hand I would totally play.

    • It’s like a bare-bones version of that Shin Megami Tensei MMORPG… which I’ve just seen has been shut down here in the west. Lovely <_<

      • Granted, that game didn’t work well when it switched hands so many times. Especially if you were playing from europe, the lag would be far too much for it.

        A shame, really. I thought it had more to it than this game. At least it has buffs that are actually useful instead of very few other things you could do.

        But it was still kind of switching between hotkey routines really…

  6. It’s amazing, usually when I watch a review, I can find something about a game that makes me go, “Oh, that looks like it might be cool.” I could not find a SINGLE thing that called out to me in that way here. Needless to say, this is a pass for me.

  7. I wonder if ChaosD1 is trying to make viewer forget his ‘______ DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!’ with his ‘Supa Kawaii’.

  8. That… looks dreadful. I’d honestly rather play FlapMMO.

  9. and yet again, a grinding mmo from a franchise I actually. I kept up with until tamers and just stopped and did my own thing. It just dropped off. Though I guess what helped that was the constant reruns they did of a season, not the entirety of the show.

    Anyway, as for the mmo, I’ll probably pass. Grind heavy to make people invested in an mmo? I wish people could make an mmo that didn’t rely on the grind but on the gameplay. Guess that never really works.

    TF2 is lightning in a bottle to me.

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