Marvel Heroes 2015 (Episode 61)

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  1. Too bad this wasn’t around in the early 90s, when X-Men was possibly at it’s peak of popularity. I would have loved to have played this on a Saturday morning, after watching a new episode of the TV series. Diablo 1 came out in 96, so the game still would have looked good enough.

    Too bad it’s limited to “heroes.” Magneto & Mystique are kinda neutral. Bad one day & helping the next. & villains would be fun to play as. Even less popular eyecandy villains like Mr. Sinister, yum.

    I’ve got a healthy list of characters I’d love to play as. Don’t think I saw Mystique. Rogue, Medusa, or any of the She Hulks in there, but they could always be added later. Gambit, Phoenix, & Nightcrawlers are good starts. Being able to collects classic & elseworld costumes is awesome.

    • They actually *just* added Rogue as a playable hero and She-Hulk as a team up character a few days ago in the same patch. I seriously doubt you can start as Rogue though, you’d probably need to farm up 600 splinters or buy her. Also her voice acting is a bit weird, it’s not really bad enough to be funny or good enough to be good, just sort of mediocre.

      As far as playing as villains, Taskmaster and Loki are both bosses and playable characters, though I don’t actually know enough about Marvel anything to know if they weren’t always villains or whatever.

    • Actually.. Magneto is planned to come out, I think even this year? He was/is in the Villain Pack together with Juggernaut, Rogue and Venom (Dr Doom was I think not in it, but he is certainly in the Advance Pack for next year.. and he was in some kind of Pack as a Team Up, but not readily available for everyone.)

      Anyway, so yes, Mags is coming sooner or later^^

      She-Hulk is now a Team-Up too. But she is also in next years Advance Pack, aka she comes out 2015.
      Medusa and Mystique though, probably will take a while.

      In general, Kitty Pryde, Blade, Winter Soldier, War Machine, She Hulk, Dr Doom, Black Cat, Ice Man and Vision and 2 surprise Characters (personal, I hope for some more female Heroes and specially for the Wasp.) are coming out 2015.

  2. The rumor I read on the reason they renamed it Marvel Heroes 2015 is to get a new entry in Metacritic because of the low scores the game received when it was originally launched.

    • That’s a huge part of the reason why, and Gaz doesn’t deny it. But to be fair, current version of the game is a vast change from launch and they wanted to try and get reviewers to take a second look.

      I hated the game at launch, but now I have over 600 hours played and own over half the characters, less than 10 of which I actually paid for. Probably spent about $100 on the game now, which for 600 hours is outstanding value. (Barring, of course, stuff like Skyrim)

  3. It’s a hard game to recommend to people, especially if they played it at launch. No ways around it, the game was TERRIBLE at launch, and was even worse with the performance/memory leaks, let alone the crappy unfinished gameplay.

    But it really did improve in so many aspects that it’s almost absurd. All while keeping a game that is probably only “somewhat popular” so free of P2W stuff. At most you would buy like a stash or crafting storage page for like a buck or two, and that would just be to save yourself some inventory management/give into your loot hoarding urges.

    So much stuff that can be earned through playing the game. That’s why eternity splinters where loved by a lot of people. You don’t have to worry about “luck” just play the game and you’ll eventually have enough to get a new hero.

    I used to play it a lot more, but I still jump into it every once in a while and I’m always surprised at how much work was done in the time period each time.

    “Oh, a diablo style game is on sale on steam should I buy…..wait, I’ll just play Marvel Heroes, the hell was I thinking…?”

    has happened on more then a few occasions.

    • Just want to point out that MH is more than ‘somewhat popular.’ Until the newest expansion came out, MH had a higher playerbase than Path of Exile.

  4. dam it 2:11 and new vid aw well

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