Dead Island: Epidemic (Episode 67)

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  1. Couple of points:

    Crossroads reminds me of Payday 2, by which I mean you’re given a bunch of specific objectives but tasked to manage your own priorities and find your own way to locations. Consequently, many people end up not knowing what to do, fighting enemies for no reason and generally not helping in a meaningful way. That’s the nature of loose objectives, and I for one prefer it that way. It doesn’t so much separate good players from bad players as it separates players capable of thinking for themselves and those who just open-palm-strike their keyboards, hoping for the best.

    Multi-team PvP is not a bad thing, thought it may be in a MOBA-like thing. I speak from experience with Fistful of Frags, where four-team shootout is one of the most entertaining mods. It’s not quite deathmatch chaotic since you need some degree of friend/foe recognition and since there is strength in numbers, but it’s still chaotic enough to where you can run one of your enemies into another and hope they take each other out. As with practically any competitive PvP game, though, I firmly believe that enemy chat needs to not exist in the first place. That alone should alleviate most of the “toxic” issues.

    Despite your criticisms, I’m actually MORE interested in trying this game now than when you did your Sidequest.

  2. Wasn’t expecting to hear one of Phelous’s running gags.

    I rather like the cartoony graphics because they age better. Not that it’s going to do the game any good now.

    Sounds like you got teamed up with a large quantity of 13 year olds.

    Sorry your game was ruined :(

    Have a great 2015.

  3. And that ancedote at the end perfectly explains your attitude towards the season. I can’t say I blame you.

    As for your PVE rant, I can’t say I blame you there either. If the game can’t even properly explain what you’re supposed to be doing and is throwing everything at the wall at all once, how can it be anything other than a jumbled mess?

    Finally, introducing a three team mechanic into something that even vaguely resembles a genre with the worst players in it is asking for trouble. I really wonder what they were thinking.

    • I’m just glad you saw the reason I put that last bit in there. I knew it was a dark story, but it was 100% true.

      • That doesn’t surprise me in the least. People can be assholes abs the season of giving amplifies that hundredfold

      • ::Goes back & watches that part:: You wouldn’t happen to have submitted that story to “Not Always Right,” have you?

        Well, stories like that remind me of why I could never work directly with customers. Short tempers & loose fists run in the family. Was your boss a nice man?

  4. The three-way fight as the base game type is… interesting, but that sort of game type’s always felt more gimmicky than anything to me. Sort of like making the game MORE EXTREEEEEEME, but while sacrificing competitiveness to it.

    Is there any info on if there’s going to be a more traditional two-team battle mode added, or are they willing to run a semi-MOBA that’s lacking competitive cohesion?

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