Dragon Nest (Episode 70)

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  1. Both the one-legged dog-things & some of the music in this review are making me think of Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Nexon actually has a game where the costumes aren’t mere rentals? It’s a miracle.

    I’ve been on the ball about this one for some time. It looks like something I would play, but I am no good at pacing myself & burnout lasts at least 11 months for me.

    What could it be? FFXI possibly announcing going F2P, new content, or shutting down? GW2 expansion? Content update for Wildstar? ESO dropping the subscription for a one time fee of $60?

  2. Rufus T Fyrfly

    Ahh Dragon Nest. I played it back in OBT and I enjoyed it, but found that it got repetitive and the dungeons were never that challenging. This is definitely a game where playing with friends is

    • Rufus T Fyrfly

      (Sorry cut myself off) … important for holding off boredom. Eventually, even my guild got bored with the level caps and grind and disbanded. Anyway, great review and pretty spot on regarding the community (although, I tend to think all Nexon games have the same community). Also, IIRC, they put all starting characters in their own “guild” to encourage partying and helping your fellow players. But since you could hit level 10+ in a half-hour, why bother?

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