The Elder Scrolls Online (Special Episode)

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  1. love the intro

  2. So … Elder Scrolls Online now is part of Mrs. Ciann and the Argonian Savages of Nim?
    Anyway, I did enjoy your episode on TESO.

  3. They should have waited to announce it on April 1st, just to fuck with people.

    So the subscription has finally dropped. Now the new sentiment in forums & comment sections will inevitably be “It’s been out for a year & they still expect us to pay $60? & they still have a cash shop? Call me when it drops to $30 or goes F2P 4 realz.”

    “Eeeehm, ehh….Meeshell eez a Christmas miracle?”

    Gotta love the halfassed large/muscular/thin option, where they’re afraid to actually go within 30 miles of obese/bodybuilder/anorexic.

    The environments look really nice. Good to see giant mushrooms again, like in Morrowind. I knew if I waited long enough, they’d eventually get their shit straightened out. I won’t pretend I’m butthurt that Boss Camping is still a thing…They’re not exactly easy to take down solo.

    Borrowing from RIFT, eh? Please tell me they’ve added Artifact Hunting as well.

  4. I was genuinely curious as to how this one would turn out, given my low expectations that came out after the beta and then initial reviews. I’m pleased that it has shaped up and will now set aside some money to pick it up after vacation!

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