Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 73, 74, and 75)

And this is it. The final block of three. Four years of episodes! With that we are all caught up, and the road for the future postings can continue. I hope you enjoyed me attempting to enrage you with my filters off, and hopefully understand why I say what I say in my videos, as well as how I say it. But first, let’s close out this bore fest with the lackluster puffs of some wet fireworks.

Episode 73: Star Conflict
Burnout is the name of the game. here. Well, not really. There’s a game called “Burnout” but this is flagrant digression. No, the act of being burnt out seemed to be a common theme of recent titles, and like Wakfu before it, this is something all of us thought “We could really get into this!” until we started playing a bit more in. This is exactly why I go on as long as I do playing this… we play long enough to let the cracks show, and Star Conflict’s cracks all glow with the sickly pale green aura of “Pay-to-Win”. Sorry, one guy on Youtube who had to reply to everyone who uttered that phrase, money will most certainly buy you an unfair advantage in this game, and regardless how insignificant this might be or appear at the highest tiers, it’s certainly a serious problem for new players.
Queue times were awful if you did anything but search “solo-queue, all regions”. PvE was interesting but got highly repetitive, and not very lucrative for progressing with your actual ships. I liked it enough, but not enough to think anyone else should bother. I am positive someone else will come up with a better version. Gaijin.. we had faith in you. Why did you have to dash this faith upon the cold debris of space? Baka Gaijin…
Recommended?: NO.

Episode 74: Pirates of the Burning Sea
Yarr, me hearties! The only reason we picked this over say, “Uncharted Waters Online” is that it was the only one still updating. Whether or not it was the better choice is… unknown. I think Grindstone got enough of a kick out of this. I wasn’t as into it, but I have to admit there was something really cool about the attention to detail in this game, as well as the open feeling of sailing and combat.
Ship combat. The Ground combat was hot steaming garbage.
We really think this game would do well for itself if remade with a modern engine and sensibilities. No joke. There’s great potential here, but we think this version of the game might be beyond saving at this point.
Anyone else notice I went for this whole play on “PotBS” by naming my character “MaryJane Malarkey”, with numerous allusions to marijuana jokes, including naming my ship “The Wacky Tabaccey” or did that horribly compressed UI make it impossible to see?
Fun fact: That ridiculous pirate accent joke I did was something I’ve wanted to do on this show for years, and the first idea was to do it for Puzzle Pirates, which I later decided against reviewing.
Recommended?: YES. But hope for a remake.

Episode 75: Drift City
“Wait, you already did this one!” you may shout. Yep, if you noticed it in the avalanche of text posts, I now post unfiltered opinions of new titles under the video posted with the heading “The Grindstone Tribunal”. From this point on if you want to hear not only what I thought of a game, but various members of Grindstone, you can check them out exclusively from the site. Make sure to stop by every time a new episode comes up!

Thanks for indulging me, and until next time: “It’s just a god damned game.”


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  1. Good job and even funny.

  2. Why did you decide against reviewing puzzle pirates?

    • Way back when I was looking at it, I still wasn’t sure about it, and it seemed to simplistic for me to bother looking at. Nowadays, I’m pretty sure I could make an episode about it, but it felt better suited for what I now call “browser-based”, even with the client download.

  3. Uncharted Waters Online just had an update fairly recently.

  4. Didn’t Uncharted Waters Online just release a new expansion? As someone who has played a little bit of that game I’m not sure whether or not you would have liked it more,though.

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