Sidequest: Warhammer 40k Dark Nexus Arena

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  1. I feel like all the Warhammer 40k stuff requires a small amount of interest in the source content to enjoy. I look back at the 40k rts and say to myself “man that game would have been really mediocre if I didn’t think wh40k was really cool”…and I believe that was one of the best games related to the…game. well, apart from the actual strategy game itself…i’ma just stop now,lol

  2. Strange that I didn’t see a single Space Marine.

    So the upgrade shop looked interesting. Do you still need to buy items from a random giant pool, or are the “paths” to upgrading character-specific? One of the BIGGEST reasons I don’t play MOBAs much is the item shop and builds. If this is more static and less prone to “bad builds,” I might be interested in it.

    Graphics look like ass, but we can hope that they’ll improve with the game.

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