Sidequest: Blade and Soul

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  1. You know, if you’d just played the video with no audio, I would have sworn I was looking at footage of Tera. Call me jaded, but I’m really sick and tired of this exact same game being released by different Korean developers over the last decade or so.

    • Well, it’s in-house devs from NCSoft. TERA was technically made with stolen assets from “Lineage Eternal” as BlueHole defected from them, and NCSoft has been doing nothing but remaking Lineage since their inception. Well, that and trying to kill off titles from the European and American devs they acquire.

  2. I swear I have a lot of dreams where I can run for a moment, jump into the air, glide seemingly forever to where I want to be, so seeing that in game in game instantly gained my attention.. aside from that I’m also a sucker for good art and animation values which this seems to have in spades.. And finally i’m also pervert, so being able to play with how sweaty I can make a pair of tits should be well worth the price of admission!

    Even if I don’t have time to play this, or a computer strong enough to handle playing this I do look forward to the full review now that you put it on my radar.

  3. I’m pretty excited for this to finally be released. I played a little bit on the Chinese servers forever ago with a primitive English patch, but I didn’t get far in before I decided to hold off for an official English release, due to the language barrier still being a huge issue despite the patch. After a while, I just assumed it was never actually getting an English release and focused my attention on other games. It will be nice to jump back in after all this time.

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