Sidequest: Brick-Force

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  1. So there’s apparently another game just like this called Guncraft?

  2. I’m surprised no one’s made a Brick Force Texture Pack for Minecraft yet.

    • Now that I think about it, I wonder if this game will lure away trolls from Minecraft; Brick Force being a game where they won’t get banned for griefing.

  3. High Priest Dre

    This game sounds familiar, but not the name. Are there any other “Minecraft shooters” out there?

  4. COOL! This looks totally awesome. Can anyone get access to the beta or do you have to get a special key or something? I am definitely going to get my friends to try this out too!

    • You have to apply which is as simple as registering for the game. Once registered, they’ll eventually e-mail you a beta-key which you’ll only have to enter once, and when finished, you’re taken to a place you can download it. Also as I mentioned in the video, you can look for the next time they do a “stress test day” where they’ll allow anyone to play.

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